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Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Bootcamp Results at Smith

See everyone -it is possible to go through the Christmas Holiday season without getting grossly fat and out of shape! It's about choices, determination and willpower. You can do it!
Next Class starts January 4th at 09:15am.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Most Critical Part Of Your Workout

Ok, so you're working your butt off. You're sweating. You're hustling. You're getting that exercise "high." Heck, not only are you now enjoying your workouts, but you want to learn more about how to make them more effective.

That's great!It never ceases to amaze me how most people don't give their bodies a second thought. They think they just go to the gym...walk on the treadmill...throw some weights around...go home and eat whatever...Seriously, the human body is the most complicated piece of machinery on the planet. Do they really think there's ZERO science behind exercise? Do they really think they can just eat whatever is in their fridge after working their butts off? I dunno, maybe it's just me, but it drives me a little crazy when people look at fitness as nothing more than guesswork. Actually, it's a little infuriating.

Take post-workout nutrition, for example. Does it make sense that there be an OPTIMAL way to fuel your body after all the demands you make of it during your training session? Of course it does!

Bottom line: Recent studies have shown that a carbohydrate AND protein formula is more effective for rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen after exercise than a carbohydrate only supplement of equal carbohydrate or caloric content. In other words, just drinking a "sports drink" after your workout doesn't cut it. The research indicates you need to fuel your body with just the right combo of carbs AND protein.

And yes, this is hyper-critical to optimizing your efforts. Here's two more things you need to know about getting the most bang for your workout buck: 1) As a proud Prograde Partner, I'm thrilled to let you know that Prograde Workout is now available on a FREE trial basis. There's just a small S & H fee. 2) On the link below you can also learn more about the research study on post-workout nutrition.

Yes, Prograde Workout recovery drink is based on this very research. It provides the right combo of protein and carbs that your body craves after a tough training session. Just click this special link right here and find out for yourself how you can try it for FREE:

Yours in health,
PS - If you want to optimize your efforts, then you owe it to yourself to try Prograde Workout and see the results for yourself.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sometimes With Age, Comes Wisdom!

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So tonight, before I ran my home bootcamp girls through the Tuesday night floor, core and more workout, I decided to knock out another fast and furious workout. I did some higher rep, lighter, warm up sets of band pull aparts, arm curls, overhead press and side lateral raises to get the biceps and delts warmed up for the main event. Then I did a steady climb of 1 rep single arm, dumbbell clean to push press with a swinging changeover to change hands. Total body blaster FO SHOAH!! Remember to focus on total body, multi-joint, compound movements. So it might not be heavy for you, but I went from 60lbs to 65lbs, 70lbs and finished with 75lbs. And it was heavy for me. The Bowflex dumbbells seem way heavier than standard dumbbells.

So my lesson of the day is: I felt like I had 80lbs in me tonight. And I walked away from it. My shoulder is healing up and feeling really good after several months of annoying rotator cuff pain. I felt good and thought I could do more and usually I always go for it. The last rep is the the one that gets ya! I can do one more and BAAAM! Something rips off your body and you explode in a fireball of despair! So I set a limit, achieved my goal and walked away. I admit I want to run back in there and try 80lbs but I won't cause I like being pain free and want to stay that way for at least a week. Set an attainable yet challenging goal for yourself and don't try to out do it all at once. Attain, achieve and accomplish are the words to remember. Train hard and eat right. Check out the vids:

55lbs & 60lbs

65lbs & 70lbs



Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Night in the Dungeon

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Tonight, I decided to torture myself. I started with bench press for 3 sets, then hit the tower 200 for a complex, hit some versafit 50lb sandbag zercher squats, then tried another bizarre core blaster on the back extension. It only took about 30 minutes and I was crushed. Long workouts aren't necessary. Short, heavy, intense total body work is all that's required. Do something rather than nothing. Don't forget your post workout nutrition. I had a banana, prograde protein shake, walnuts and some chicken. Train hard and eat right. Check out the videos:

Bench Press 225lbs x 12 reps

Bench Press 245lbs x 7 reps

50lb Versafit Bag Squats

Dumbbell Core 1 arm press on the back extension -this was super tough!

Barbell Core Press on the back extension -this was crazy hard

Tower 200 multi-exercise complex

Tower Part 2


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Friday, December 18, 2009

Meal of the Week: Pork Loin Chops with Acorn Squash

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Apple Stuffed Pork Loin Chops with Acorn Squash: Lots of great tasting and healthy stuff in this meal. Stuffing had pecan meal, dried cranberries, apple, sage and rosemary. No breadcrumbs. Acorn Squash had walnuts in a sweet sauce that had organic honey in it. Super healthy and it was really good. Thanks Lisa!
Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Outrage Over Children's Vitamins

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Not too long ago Tobacco companies were using cartoon characters to influence children into thinking smoking was cool. They got in a lot of trouble for that, eventually.
Fast food companies partner with Hollywood and have all sorts of action figures from popular movies at their restaurants.

And corporations do the same to sell all kinds of thing - including vitamins - for children.
Have you ever taken a good look at the labels of the leading brands of kid's vitamins?
On there you'll find:
Aspartame, which is a VERY controversial artificial sweetener.
DiCalcium Phosphate, which is used in the "feed" that poultry eats.
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, which NOBODY needs to be ingesting.
And all sorts of artificial colors.
Does that look NUTRITIOUS to you???

Ok, I know what you're thinking: "Yeah, that's great. But what other choice do I have? If it doesn't TASTE good, my kid's not going to take it."

Well, I may just have the answer to your prayers. But your child's taste buds are going to have to decide. As a proud Prograde Partner I'm THRILLED to let you know they have just released an all-natural children's vitamin. And they've gone to great lengths to taste test it with kids.
But again, your child will have to decide if it tastes good or not.

So that's why you can try Prograde Essentials for Kids for FREE! (Yes, there is a small S & H fee)Just go to this link right now and discover how Prograde Essentials for Kids delivers the nutrition your child needs and deserves.

Prograde Kids Multi-vitamin

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday's Workout - Core Killer Combo

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Well it was another gloomy, rainy day and I was working at home, not feeling overly energetic. I figured I needed to get some type of workout done seeing that my lazy ass trainer is of no use. So off I went to the dungeon. Using two donated items - the decline bench that I got at the dump and Carrie's donated 25lb dumbbell, I commenced to whoop my own ass with a vengeance. I did some shoulder and arm work on the tower 200 system as well. Quick and efficient - my butt was kicked. Check out the video:

Alternating 1 arm Dumbbell overhead press, tricep extension, pullover to situp, with russian twist.

Alternating 1 arm Dumbell overhead press to pullover to situp

Tower 200 Rear Delt flys and Face Pulls


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Eric's Tip of the Day - Recheck Your Calorie Intake

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At least every 4-6 weeks, you need to recalculate your calories and make sure that you are still eating the right amount. Check out the video:


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Monday, December 14, 2009

What can your clients do? I show you what my clients can do!

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Today, Kimberly did a killer, leg dominant, total body workout. She started off with the v-squat machine doing 1 rep max lifts, then we went up to the ab room and did a circuit of plyo box jumps, plyo box jumps with Burpees, Low Box squats with a 40lb sand bag around her neck, equalizer pushup to jump, wide grip pullups and close grip pullups. All of these exercises are very difficult. She has come a long way over the past few months and her performance shows it.

Dedication, discipline and consistency combined with hard training and proper nutrition are the key principles of success. Kimberly is currently working on her AFPA Personal Trainer Certification and soon will be done with it. If you want it bad enough, anything can be accomplished.

So remember, you can talk s*&^t about it, when you can do better. Stomp your little feet and then go workout. As Yoda would say: Do or Do Not, There is No Try! When you want to get in real shape, give me a call.

Check out her videos

Plyo Box Jump to Burpee

Bodyweight Low Box Squat

40lbs Sandbag Low Box Squats

Equalizer Pushup to Jump

Wide Grip Pullups -video is sideways to fit it all in

Close Grip Pullups - sideways again


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fitness Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Hi Everyone,
It's that time of year again and everyone is out doing their Christmas Shopping. One idea for those "hard to buy for" people is to give them fitness and nutrition gifts. You can give them gift certificates for personal training and bootcamps, you can give them fitness equipment or fitness workouts and you can give them nutritional supplements. By doing this, you are giving the gift of health and you may motivate someone you love, to kickstart a fitness and nutrition program, that you know they desperately need.

Here are some ideas:

Gift Certificates: These are available for smith fitness center and at the house. Contact me if you are interested in these. You purchase the program for them and give them the gift certificate. Then they can turn it in to me for use.

Exercise Equipment: A kettlebell, stability ball, jumprope or weight set make great gifts. You can get some high quality equipment here from Perform Better:

How about a set of Equalizer Bars?

The Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener

Or you can get them Killer Workout Programs to follow to get in great shape:

Top Quality Nutritional Supplements from Prograde

So here are some top quality ideas that could solve the age old question "what do I get him this year?" It will also help a friend or loved one get healthy and in great shape. Give the gift of Health this year. Happy Holidays!


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Meal of the Week - Bison Meatloaf

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This meal of the week consists of Bison meatloaf, mashed cauliflower and roasted green beans. Bison meat is one of the best protein sources. Mashed cauliflower is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. This was a healthy meal and tasted great. Thanks Lisa!

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Eating Healthy While Traveling During The Holidays

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Hi Everyone,

Many of you will be traveling during the xmas / new years time to visit friends and family. You may have concerns about how you are going to stick to your meal plan while on the road. It really isn't a big deal if you plan for it. Most people run into problems when they don't plan and have to come up with food on the go. Fast food is always there and it's fast and easy. But if you put a little time into it, you can easily pre-pack a bunch of good stuff to take with you. If you are driving, you can pack all sorts of foods and a cooler.

Some good choices are hard boiled eggs, nuts and seeds, fruit and veggies, pre-cooked chicken or other lean meats, almond butter, stevia, yerba mate tea, and of course, your Prograde supplements. Ziploc baggies, Tupperware containers and coolers are some choices for storage. If you stop at a motel overnight, you can try to get a room with a refrigerator and access to an ice machine to top off your coolers.

Hit the local grocery store to replenish fresh foods and restock before you head out on the second leg of your trip. If you fly, you can bring small amounts of nuts, veggies and fruits to eat as you can. When you have to eat airline foods, make the best choice and don't worry about it. If you go out to eat, there is nothing to fear. Get your favorite protein source with veggies and salad and go easy on the pasta, breads, rice and desserts. Go light on sugar and sodium. Drink lots of water throughout your trip. And most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun! If you do slip up, roll with it and get back on track as soon as you can - like the next meal. Missing meals must be avoided. Healthy eating is mostly about choices - make the right ones and enjoy the holidays.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meal of the Week: Steak with Chimichurri and Peppers

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Tonight Lisa cooked me another awesome dish. Steak with peppers and chimichurri sauce. We ate it with tortillas like fajitas. It was great. Lots of protein, fibrous carbs, good fats.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cold damp rainy night in the Dungeon!

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Today was one of those days where staying in bed sounded like the plan of the day. But alas, all good things come to an end. I still didn't feel like doing anything. I even went easy on my clients. But I had to get some type of workout in. So here is my rainy day slacker workout. I warmed up with light weight and did some barbell overhead press and cleans, followed by modified handstand pushups using the equalizer and perfect pushup bars, then some double kettlebell swings, cleans and overhead press. I finished it off with a circuit on the tower 200 doing overhead press, front, side and rear lateral raises. It was very intense yet brief. So, once again, I tell you to get off your ass and go do something even when you don't feel like it.

Warmup - overhead press and cleans with light weight

Modified Handstand Pushups on the Equalizer

Modified Handstand Pushups with Perfect Pushup Bars

Double 45lb Kettlebells


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hands Like Vise Grips

Hands Like Vise Grips
By Zach Even – Esh
Underground Strength Coach

If you haven’t realized how critical hand and grip strength is yet, you’re missing the big picture. A weak grip and weak hands will limit how heavy you can train in and out of the gym.

It can also mean the difference between making that tackle, getting the winning takedown, or hitting the ball the extra few feet that helped you knock it out of the park!

Back when bodybuilding was in the “Golden Era”, none of those guys used wrist straps, wraps, wrist support or any other “helpers”. They may have used a weight belt, but even their belts were thin, wimpy leather belts.

These men also did tons of volume when they trained so not only did they have strong hands and grip, but they had the strength endurance to boot. Try doing a back workout that included a total of 25 sets performing heavy deadlifts, heavy barbell or t bar rows, weighted pull ups and heavy shrugs!

Talk about getting a grip workout in! Then these guys finished off with wrist curls. Although wrist curls don’t do much for stronger hands and grip, they will add size to the forearms which can transfer over to your ability to improve grip strength.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is drop your wrist straps and wraps and start training with no assistance. At first, pull ups will seem challenging. Your hands will give quickly and you’ll be hanging by your finger tips. Quickly those hands and your grip strength will rapidly climb.

Start deadlifting with overhand grips and mixed grips (over – under). This will be one of the best movements you can do to develop your grip into a powerful “vise grip”. Not to forget that the deadlift is one of the best movements out there for full body strength and muscle building.

Make deadlifting even more challenging by using a thick bar! If you don’t have a thick bar, then use a towel where each hand goes and now you’ve got a homemade thick bar!

You can also use a towel on your kettlebell handle during one arm swings. These will really make the grip work over time, not just because of the thicker handle, but the speed of the kettlebell will amplify your necessity to hold onto that kettlebell with all you’ve got!

The best way to work your grip is not through specializing only after a workout, but during the workout you should make almost every movement involving your grip.

Some examples are:
•The use of sandbags where you must grab the canvas
•Thick bars or handles for any free weight movement
•Towel or rope pull ups
•Towel or rope attached to the kettlebell (great for rows, swings, pulling movements, carries)
•Stone lifting, specifically pulling movements (dead lifts, bent over rows)
•Small stone lifting w/one hand – shoulder raises from all angles
•Heavy farmer walks w/thick bar and / or heavy implements
•Pole climbing
•Hand over hand rope or tow strap pulling
•Sledge hammer work

The big mistake is to throw in a few sets of wrist curls or captains of crush grippers at the end and hope for that to be enough. You’ve got to push the limits to develop your lower arms to their maximum and a few sissy sets at the end won’t cut it!

Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate grip training into a full workout:

The Vise Grip Workout :

Warm up:
A)100 push ups, hands on stability ball or on floor
B)100 squats

1)Thick bar dead lift w/over – under grip: build up to 3 heavy sets of 1 – 3 reps
2A)Thick bar military push press (clean from ground on 1st rep) 4 x 4 – 6 reps
2B)Rope or towel pull ups 4 x max reps
3A)Step ups or reverse lunges with kettlebells in ea. hand 3 x 12
3B)Plate pinching 3 x max time ea. hand

Another favorite grip movement that has proven to be very effective are the dumbbell hex holds. Just stand them upright and hold for max time! Go for 3 – 5 sets at the end of your workout resting only 30 seconds!

About the Author
Zach Even - Esh is a Strength & Performance Coach from Edison, NJ and is the owner of The Underground Strength Gym and creator of Underground Strength Coach. Zach's Underground methods have spanned the globe and have helped men and women of all ages to dramatically improve athletic performance, pack on rugged muscle and develop brute strength. Zach is the Strength & Conditioning advisor for TapOuT Magazine and is also a featured writer for Men's Fitness Magazine. To learn more about Zach and his methods visit

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meal of the Week: Chicken and Spaghetti Squash

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Lisa cooked me another fantastic meal. This meal of the week consisted of chicken, spaghetti squash, organic basil, organic diced tomatoes, onions and romano cheese. Lots of protein and fibrous carbs and low fat. Spaghetti squash is the healthy alternative to regular types of spaghetti. This meal was a nutritionally good meal and had amazing flavor. It can taste great and be good for you after all.


November Fitness Bootcamp Results at Smith

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Great results from the November Bootcamp crew. These guys and gals had to deal with Thanksgiving during their bootcamp finale and they still pulled off good numbers. Shelly lost 8% body fat - awesome work. Everyone had good numbers. Check out Dusty's numbers too. I'm proud of you all - Great Job!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sandbag Training For Crazy Strength

Hi Everyone!

A good barbell runs you 300 bones minimum. A good sandbag, on the other hand, runs ya 30 bucks or so. Sold! Once I began using the sandbag it really kicked my butt, I won’t lie. But, it kicked my butt in a good way. My hands and forearms were taking a beating. No pretty boy straps to help me hold on, just brute strength and sheer determination. The workouts blasted me because unlike many typical gym exercises, the sandbag does not seem to go well with sitting down and lying down, machines, and typical gym training allows you to lie down and sit down. This leaves out a good 85% or so of your body from working, a HUGE waste of time, don’t you agree? I’m sure you do.

I suggest sticking to the ultra basics when beginning with a sandbag. You can combine your sandbag training with bodyweight and now you have a complete workout which can be done anywhere, anytime. My favorites are the sandbag power clean, the zercher carry and the sandbag clean and press. Throw in some pull ups, push ups, squats and lunges and you can transform your body into a rugged, lean and mean Gladiator.

There’s something very primal about ripping into a sandbag and a man handling that unyieldly object. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

PS: If you wanna see the most effective sandbag strength training drills that burn fat and pack on rock hard muscle, then you gotta check out this ‘Underground Training System’ that has changed my body like nothing else I ever experienced and it will do the same for you:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meal of the Week - T Bone

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Here is an awesome dish. Lisa cooked this dish for me on wednesday.
T-bone steak and roasted green beans with walnuts, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. One of the best steaks I ever had. Tons of protein and good fats plus some fibrous carbs.

Don't be afraid of red meat. It's been around longer and has been consumed by people for longer than the rich idiots who tell their lies and myths about saturated fats.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why Dieting Can't Work

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday with your families. Today is a day to enjoy your food and to be grateful for it. Here is a good article by Joel. His program teaches you how to use your hormones like leptin and insulin to make eating enjoyable while burning fat. He is having a sale on his program with a bunch of great bonus material. But his sale ends soon. Check it out.

Why "Dieting" CAN'T Work
By Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT

“Arghhhhhhh!”Ever feel this way? Or maybe a better question is: Ever been on a diet? Why is dieting so psychologically draining? Well, for one, it requires change in a major area of our lives—the way we eat—and for most of us, change is a very uncomfortable thing. Fact is, changing old habits and forming new ones is never an easy task; however, with dieting, it becomes exceedingly difficult given all of the physical adaptations that occur (which we will soon discuss).

Consider what happens in your mind when you go on a diet. Almost immediately you are faced with an array of cravings. Just the sight or smell of food mentally adds to your already present hunger pangs. You find yourself craving foods that normally you have no desire to eat. Every time you come in contact with an “off-limits” food item—whether it be on a television commercial, in a magazine, or physically right in front of you—the battle begins. Do you give into the temptation to experience immediate pleasure, only to be swarmed by overwhelming guilt shortly soon after? Or do you stick it out and allow the anxiety to increase with every day?It seems like a lose-lose situation—and it is.

And what if you’re not making as much progress as you had hoped? What if you’re seemingly doing everything right and the scale just isn’t moving? Feelings of frustration, discouragement, and even depression emerge, making you even more inclined to break your diet. I mean, who wants to sacrifice without being rewarded? At least when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie, the taste is satisfying. But working hard to reap no return on investment? Well that, that just flat out sucks.There has to be a better way—and fortunately, there is.

The simple truth is this: “diets” can’t work.If you tried ‘em and failed, you’re just like 99% of the rest of the world, myself included: normal. You see, any time you restrict calories, you literally “program” your body to fight against your every effort to lose weight. Not quite making sense? Time for a little history lesson.

Think back for just a minute to the time in which our ancestors roamed the earth. You know, the hunter and gather, feast and famine type days. For those individuals, survival was king, and in order to survive, they had to do the whole “eating” thing just like us. Unfortunately, things weren’t quite as easy for this group as they are today. No supermarkets. No drive-through meal deals. Instead, when our primitive ancestors wanted a nice steak, they had to go find it. This inevitably meant that there were plenty of instances in which our yester-year counterparts went without food for days at a time. And at other times, namely during the winter months, their bodies were forced to get by on very little daily food and calories. And the reason why they didn’t die? There’s only one—the body’s natural defense against starvation.

Don’t get enough calories for an extended period of time? No problem, the body simply causes ”bad” hormones, fat storage enzymes, and hunger to all increase while “good” hormones, metabolism, and fat burning enzymes all take a dive. Enter “starvation mode”. Friend to our ancestors; anything but to the dieter. You see, dieting, although planned, is nothing more than a lesser degree of premeditated starvation. Go on a diet—any diet—and it wont be long until the body begins fighting for every ounce of your body fat. You want to lose it; it wants to keep it. And guess what? It wins every time. Sad scenario, I know.

But what if there was some way to “trick” your body into thinking you aren’t dieting when you actually are? What if you could essentially “block” the body from entering starvation mode, keeping fat burning at its highest point, week after week? Well, you can. And even better news—you can do it by strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorite foods. Is it apple pie that you crave? Chocolate chip cookies (like me)? Or maybe just the freedom to order whatever you want from your favorite restaurant’s menu? Whatever it is, believe it or not, you can actually use those foods to help you lose fat faster. But it needs to be very strategic, and with Cheat Your Way Thin, that’s exactly what I teach you how to do.

“So how does strategic cheating override the starvation protection mechanism?” That’s a good question, and one I’m more than happy to answer. You see, it takes the body about one week of calorie restriction to substantially trigger “starvation mode” and perpetuate the negative adaptations we discussed previously (decreased metabolism, slowed/stalled fat loss, etc). On the other hand, it takes a much shorter period of time to reverse these trends via strategic practices of “overfeeding” or dietary “cheating”. Essentially, by incorporating bursts of strategic cheating like I teach in Cheat Your Way Thin, you can literally turn your metabolism into your fat burning slave by ensuring you always have an internal environment primed for burning fat—and you do it with your favorite foods. Oh, and did I mention just how HUGE that is psychologically?

Thinking back, I can remember when I used to “cheat” only to quickly be overwhelmed by feelings of guilt and failure. Never again. Now when I cheat, it’s planned. And each time I do, I walk away knowing that I just accelerated my progress. Frankly, it doesn’t get much better than knowing that you just USED your Thanksgiving Dinner AND dessert to speed along fat loss. Anxiety? Nope. When cravings arise, there is major comfort in knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy that very food in just a few short days when your next cheat session rolls around. Feelings of discouragement and decreased motivation? Definitely with other diets, but with Cheat Your Way Thin, you’ll actually be excited to step on the scale week after week to view the consistent, steady progress that regular, strategic cheating yields. Simply put, strategic cheating solves the dietary dilemma by providing you with powerful metabolic benefits and perhaps even more powerful psychological ones.

If you like to eat and like your tasty favorites, learn how to be able to eat whatever you want within reason and still be able to burn fat. Sale and bonus material ends soon. Check it out.
Cheat Your Way Thin - it's the perfect plan for the holidays and it fits into your existing program easily.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Meal of the Week

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This meal of the week was prepared for me by Lisa. It consisted of chicken, and a salad made up of spinach, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts, dried cranberry, pears and balsamic vinaigrette. Lots of protein from the chicken, good fats from the walnuts and fibrous carbs from the dried cranberry, pears and spinach. It tasted great and was simple to prepare. Thanks to Lisa for feeding the caveman.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Protein Pancake Recipe

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Delicious Protein Pancakes Recipe

It's been a great year here at Dempsey's Resolution Fitness. And I'm very grateful for you being a part of that success. This week being Thanksgiving I want to make sure I'm showing you how grateful I am.

But before I do...Let's get serious for a moment. You're going to eat a LOT of food this Thursday. You know it. I know it. And that's ok. I'm sure you've been working out just a little bit harder to prepare for it, right? ;-) And I know you're going to get a good tabata drill in on Thursday before you chow down, right?

Now, besides that, I also want to remind you one thing you do NOT want to do on Thursday is skip meals so you can stuff yourself with one big one. That's a no-no. You still need to start your day right by boosting your metabolism with a solid breakfast. So to help you out with that I've got a gift for you from me and my buddies over at Prograde Nutrition. It's a delicious Protein Pancakes recipe.

Thanks to the protein in the recipe your blood sugar won't go crazy like it can just by eating a huge stack of pancakes with sugary syrup. Nope, this recipe will fill you up, nourish your body and give your metabolism just the boost it needs.

You can get the Protein Pancakes recipe here Prograde Protein Pancakes. Be sure to let me know how you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

- Seriously, have a nutritious breakfast this Thursday and your body will thank your for it on Friday. ;-) Prograde Protein Pancakes

Cheat Meals and Carb Rotation to Blast the Fat Off

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Hi Everyone,
You want your cake and you want to be able to eat it too right? Then listen to this.

If you have made progress on your nutrition plan but you want to take things to the next level to avoid plateau, and to continue shedding unwanted fat, there are more advanced nutrition techniques that you can follow. Two big techniques that have been proven to work are cheat days and carb rotation. I recommend these techniques to clients after they have made good progress on my basic nutrition plan.

How would you like to have a guilt free, cheat day where anything goes and you can reward your hard work all week with a day of eating whatever you wanted? The cheat day is the answer when you combine it with carb rotation or cycling.

This has to do with hormone manipulation such as leptin and insulin which have a huge impact on fat loss. So how do you do this advanced stuff? This is what a basic week could look like for you: Mon - low carb, Tue - low glycemic load /index, Wed - low Glycemic load/index, Thu - Higher Glycemic load/ index, Fri - Higher Glycemic load/index, Sat - cheat day, Sun - low carb. So you can see your carb / sugar levels gradually increase all week and culminate on your cheat day, then you go back to low carb and start over. This method can be modified numerous ways based upon your needs. There are zillions of ways to cheat and rotate carbs. You have to find the best way for you. -meaning find what actually works for your body. If this stuff interests you then check out the Cheat Your Way Thin Program. This is an advanced nutrtion program that allows you to rotate carbs and have a glorius cheat day. I use the techniques in this program as part of my advanced nutrtion program. Check it out, because when you do it right, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some New Food Ideas from Publix

Here are some new food choices that I found at Publix. You can use these in a variety of ways to create new meals ideas. Minimal carbs, lots of good fats and protein. Use your imagination to create tastey and healthy meals.

Updated Stats From My Experiment

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My Experiment Continues: I continue to track my stats without tracking my meal plan or calories. So as you can see I have continued to slowly progress over time. The numbers tell a story. The key numbers are the caliper hipbone measurement (SI MM) and weight.
I have stayed within 3 pounds with my caliper millimeter measurement going down from it's highest of 8mm to 2mm - a loss of 6mm, I have maintained a 1 to 1.5 inch loss from my waist, and the bodyfat percentage has gone down from it's highest of 13.8 to 6.7 which is a loss of 7.1%. This has been slow, steady progress over 2 months.

Stat Updates:
10 SEP: SI MM 7, BF 11.5, WT 219.5, WAIST 39
14 SEP: SI MM 8, BF 13.8, WT 219
28 SEP: SI MM 6, BF 11.5, WT 217
25 OCT: SI MM 4, BF 9.2, WT 220, WAIST 37.5
01 NOV: SI MM 4, BF 9.2, WT 218, WAIST 37.5
07 NOV: SI MM 5, BF 9.2, WT 218.5, WAIST 38
11 NOV: SI MM 3, BF 6.7, 217.5, WAIST 37.75
19 NOV: SI MM 2, BF 6.7, 218, WAIST 37.5

I don't follow the program that I use for my clients because I don't have the same goals as most clients do. I don't do targeted fat loss cardio or any cardio for that matter. I don't do Tabata drills or any timed interval metabolic resistance training. I don't journal my meals, count calories, plan my meals, or do any preparation. I do single bodypart training with maximal weight, focusing on 1 rep max training. I eat mostly clean and follow the basic guidelines that I teach, loosely. I eat allot and I eat frequently. I make no deliberate effort to burn fat or get lean. And I still can make progress.

So what's my point? If I followed my program, that I have you follow, my progress would have skyrocketed. So if you are following the program and your not making the progress you want - the key question is why? I have now shown you that it can be done with minimal effort and no tracking. So if your tracking numbers and doing everything your supposed to be doing, you should be smoking toward your goals. If you want to achieve your goals then do so. Stop making excuses and follow the program. It works, it's been proven by dozens of my personal training clients and bootcampers. Yoda said do or do not, there is no try.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Friday, November 13, 2009

3 Secrets For Getting a Booty For Life Today!

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3 Secrets to Get a Booty for Life Today!

If you want to lose thigh fat, get sexy legs, and build a perky butt and booty that you can be proud of for life, then this will be the most important article you ever read.

Nutrition is the secret to success for women when it comes to sculpting their bodies and losing thigh fat. Do you keep a nutrition log? If not, you must start doing so! Research shows you'll lose more fat if you track your diet and write down what you eat. Record every aspect of your nutrition for at least 1 week. Most people have no idea how many calories they are eating each day. Just doing that will help you lose inches.

Here are 3 more secrets to success if you want a Booty for Life...

1) The #1 diet secret to success is...To remove excess sugar and processed foods from your diet and switchto cheaper and healthier foods. In the Booty for Life program, you'll receive a complete calorie counter and meal plan guideline to helpyou identify the perfect fat burning meal plan for women.

2) Small nutrition changes can help you lose a lot of fat. This can be as simple as committing to one small nutritional improvement per day (such as replacing your lunch time soda with water) and one large change per week (such as setting aside time on a Sunday to shop and prepare for your weekly meals).

In the Booty for Life program, you'll also get...- The Treats and Cheats Food Guide- A step by step system to determine the number of calories you need- Detailed guides to good carb, high-protein, and healthy fat foods- A perfect meal plan for eating multiple meals, even for busy women

3) Exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home - and even while LYING DOWN! - can help you sculpt your booty and "perkify"your butt. In the Booty for Life workout program, you'll discover...- Unique LYING DOWN exercises that work your butt- Proven exercises to burn belly fat- You don't need long, slow cardio or boring crunches. And you can build a beautiful butt in the comfort of your own home!

Click this link to get the complete Booty for Life program and nutrition guide: Booty For Life

To your success!

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

November Bootcamp at Smith - Midway Results

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Bootcampers at Smith have been working hard and their bodies are reacting to the new stressors. Big change occurs in the beginning and it's the catalyst for change that opens the door for big progress. Look at these numbers.

Bodyfat loss results in two weeks:

Anne - maintained the same
Carrie - lost 6.1 % BF
Laura- lost 4.1 % BF
Jake - lost 3.5 % BF
Gen - lost 3.6 % BF
Megan - lost 6.5 % BF
Jerome - lost 6.3% BF
Shelly - lost 8% BF
Jessica - lost 7.9% BF
Dusty - lost 3.7% BF

Great work everyone. Keep at the nutrition plan and work hard.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Known Fat Burning Facts

Carbs, carbs, carbs. That's what everyone seems to want to talk about. How do I avoid carbs?Well, what you should be talking about instead is, "How do I get more lean Protein into my eating plan?" Now THAT is the right question. You see, Protein is where it's at.

Check out these two little known facts about protein:
1) Protein requires more calories to digest than carbs or fat. This is called the "thermic effect of food." In other words, your body uses more calories to digest protein than other nutrients. Pretty sneaky, huh?
2) Protein provides satiety. That's a fancy way of saying you feel fuller for longer when you eat protein ;-) Good sources of Lean Protein come from foods such as: Fish, eggs, poultry, lean beef...But some people have trouble eating enough protein each day. Some people would like it to be more convenient for them. If that's the case with you then I have VERY good news. And it's news I've been waiting to tell you for some time now.

My buddies over at Prograde Nutrition have finally released their pharmaceutical quality whey protein. You see, not all Protein powders are created equal.
Prograde Protein:
- Delivers unparalled purity through low-temperature mirco-filtering
- Is naturally sweetened with Stevia
- Contains 5.3 grams of branch chained amino acids per serving
- Mixes instantly with just a spoon
- Enhances absorption and digestion via lactase and Aminogen digestive enzyymes

Look, I've been waiting patiently for Prograde Protein to come out. But as usual, Prograde just would NOT release this product until they could get it as close to perfect as possible. The best part is they are putting it on sale this week to celebrate it's launch. You can get it at 10% off this week ONLY. Just go to Prograde Protein to find out the details. Including the coupon code to use when you order to get the 10% off your order. But you need to hurry. For one thing, the special price ends this Friday, November 13th at 11:59pm EST. The other thing is, well, I cannot begin to tell you how highly anticipated Prograde Protein has been. There's a very good chance they'll be out of stock well before Friday even gets here! So get yours NOW.

PS - Prograde Protein is NOT just some run of the mill protein powder you can find anywhere.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 Best Lower Body Kettlebell Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

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5 Best Lower Body Kettlebell Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training

In this workout you will learn the 5 most powerful lower body kettlebell exercises you can do to gain muscle and burn fat. But, perhaps more importantly, is with these exercises you will begin to realize the flexibility kettlebell workouts offer in terms of convenience and lifestyle.

The first exercise is the Double Kettlebell Front Squat. So, start out by holding the KBs at shoulder height, push your hips back (don't bend at the knees first), break parallel, squatting as low as you can while keeping your abs braced. Then drive back up.

The next exercise is called the Tactical Lunge, or a regular lunge with a twist. First, lunge backward and as you are lunging take the KB underneath your front thigh and switch hands. Alternate sides. Be sure to keep your torso upright throughout.

The next lower body KB exercise is the Pistol Squat. So, place the KB at chest height and balance on one leg with your other leg out in front. Next, squat down as low as you can go, and drive back up. Do all reps for one side and then switch.

The 1-Leg Rear Deadlift is another great exercise to do using kettlebells. The previous exercises work the front of the thighs, whereas this will focus a lot on your hamstrings. So, hold the KB with both hands in front of you, balance on one leg and push your hips back. Now, to come back up, you will squeeze your glutes and hamstrings for a powerful contraction.

The last exercise is the Turkish Get-up. And although this is a great ab exercise, in fact it, like all the other exercises mentioned here, is an excellent total body exercise. So, from a laying down position, hold the KB overhead with arm extended (do not let your elbow bend) and bend the leg on the same side as the arm holding the KB. Next, you want to lift your torso up and get into the lunge position and drive up. Now, to return back to your lying down position, drop your opposite knee to the ground, then your opposite hand, followed by bringing your leg through to the front and then drop your torso down and slowly lower back down to the ground, all while maintaining that pushed out position with the arm.

These are some incredibly effective exercises for your lower body that can be done in only a small space with just one or two kettlebells. Simple, fast, and supremely powerful.

About the Author:
Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit
Turbulence Training

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Sure Thing for Fat Loss by Tom Venuto

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Here is an article by Tom Venuto from
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

There are not many “sure things” in life. Almost every
worthwhile endeavor comes with a certain degree of risk
and no assurance of the outcome. In the case of chiseling your
body into a lean machine, there’s always some trial, error and
experimentation necessary, especially because each person’s genetics,
body type and physiology are so unique.

There can be great value in the trial and error process as a
learning experience, but what if you could skip the unnecesary
trial and error by placing your bets on “sure things” instead
of guessing or gambling? That would be great wouldn’t it?
Unfortunately, in the health and fitness field, there appear to be
fewer “sure things” than anywhere else!

Fitness experts are known for having opinions and theories
that range from one extreme to another. Many competing fat
loss programs represent polar opposites: high carb vs low
carb being the most common example.

Scientists often end their papers with, “more research is
needed” and they rarely stick their necks out and take a
strong stand, unless the evidence is air-tight and rock-solid.
But amidst all the chaos, confusion and conflicting advice
of the nutrition and fitness world, there are a small handful
of “SURE THINGS” and you’re about to learn them all…
These are things that most of the researchers and most of
the fitness and dietetic professionals agree on.

Of course, We will never get 100% consensus on the subjects
of exercise or nutrition, because science is continuously
unfolding and one decade’s sure thing” has been known to
become the next decades “myth busted.” Should we close our
minds and accept our current “sure things” as final, we may
be closing our minds to future discoveries and potential
for advancement.

Even if we get a nearly unanimous vote, there’s almost
always a lone dissenter out there somewhere, and people
sometimes believe weird things, even in the face of science.
People also often believe in their dietary approaches NOT
for scientific reasons, but for environmental, spiritual
or humanitarian reasons.

Nevertheless, if we use science as our guide, then the weight
of the current evidence is heavy enough that these are as
close to SURE THINGS as we can get, and that you can’t go
wrong by applying these principles in your own fat loss
program immediately…

One thing that virtually the entire scientific community
agrees on is that the law of energy balance is always with
us. In order to lose body fat, you must burn more calories
than you consume. This is known as having a “caloric deficit.”
Although there are a few people who still claim that “calories
don’t count,” I will be as bold as to say that those people
are mistaken. PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: There is a huge
difference between saying “you don’t have to count calories” and
“calories don’t count.”

Some diet programs are “ad libitum” in nature. This means
they do not advise calorie counting; they simply tell you
what to eat and what not to eat. You eat as you please, as
long as you follow the food restrictions provided.
What they usually don’t tell you is that the eating restrictions
are the equivalent of having built-in automatic calorie control.
These programs do not refute the law of energy balance, they
confirm it.

When a diet program claims, “Eat as much as you want and still
lose weight”, you are hearing a Big Fat Lie. Incidentally, the
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it is illegal to make this
claim in advertisements and they can sue you if you do.
Many people still deny the law of calorie balance in the face
of scientific evidence.

For example, some of the old school low-carbers are notorious
for disputing the calorie balance equation, in favor of believing
in some type of “metabolic advantage” that comes from low carbs.
I.e., “eat X grams of carbs or less, and you can eat as much
as you want.”

I assure you, if you have a caloric maintenance level of 2000
calories a day and you eat 3000 calories a day of protein and
fat (no carbs) you WILL gain fat! Perhaps it will be harder to
consume that many calories in the form of protein and fat as
compared to sugar and protein and fat, but if you manage to
pull off that gastronomic feat, you will gain weight nonetheless
(and low carb writers might be surprised at how much food some
people can shovel down their throats - even sans carbs!)

Fortunately, the low carb community today has some very
intelligent voices speaking out, saying that low carb does
not mean “unlimited calories” and that low carb diets also
require a caloric deficit; they may simply make it easier
to achieve that deficit, automatically without counting calories.

While I am very much in favor of doing things “by the numbers,”
programs that tend to make you “automatically” eat less without
counting calories are not a bad thing at all (the spontaneous
reduction in caloric intake often occurs due to an appetite-
suppressive effect of certain diets, and or due to the selection
of low calorie-density foods which are highly satiating).
That said, no combination of foods, elimination of foods,
or arrangement of macronutrients will override the law of
calorie balance. To lose fat, you have to eat less than you
burn, period.

You have to be diligent about maintaining your deficit
too, because:
(1) Energy balance is dynamic, and what is a deficit for you
today, may not be a significant deficit six months from now
(2) If your maintenance calories are 2000, and your intake is
1500 one day (a deficit) and 2500 the next (a surplus), you
have NOT achieved a caloric defict over the two day period -
you are in energy balance. Conveniently, most people seem to
have some kind of selective “amnesia” and they only remember
the days they were in a deficit! Consistency over time is
the key!

The sooner you accept that the cornerstone of fat loss is a
caloric deficit, the sooner you’ll be able to think clearly
about your nutritional choices and the better you’ll be able
to judge everything you ever read, see and hear about nutrition,
for the rest of your life.

By the way, did you know that there are two corollaries to the
law of calorie balance, which almost no one teaches?
In my Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program, I reveal these
little-known calorie corollaries (chapter 6) and I teach the
exact, scientific formulas for calculating your ideal calorie
intake for burning the maximum amount of fat, without losing
muscle or slowing down your metabolism.

You can learn more by visiting:
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Your friend and coach,
Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween - No Pumpkins - Just Big F##@ Rocks

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So I was contemplating buying a pumpkin and doing a video with medicine ball exercises using the pumpkin- that's what all the cool kids do for Halloween fitness. I was driving in the back woods of Alabama looking for a pumpkin to buy when I came across this BFR on the side of the road. I slammed on the brakes, jumped out and picked it up with some effort. Then I realized that I had found my pumpkin. I brought the BFR home and weighed it and it came out to 115.5lbs. That will kick someone's ass for sure- mostly mine of course. So much for my pumpkin workout- sorry. Pumpkins are not worthy workout tools and are simply ghey with a capital G. Have a safe and Happy Halloween or fall festival or whatever you call it. And remember that this is the beginning of "your a fatass" season. So keep me in mind when you can't fit into your jeans and you have the dunlaps (muffin top) disease. I'll be waiting, to help you fit back into the jeans, in no time. Have fun and be safe.


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Night in the Front Yard

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The girls worked hard tonight using a 4 exercise circuit with the 50/10 tabata protocol. The exercises were the rock throw over the tires, the rock squat to overhead press, the mountain climber with feet on frisbee gliders and the tire row. All exercises were very difficult and the girls put forth great effort and completed 4 rounds in 20 minutes.


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get In Awesome Shape Using The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a great tool for total body training and is a must for any home gym. This piece of equipment is becoming very popular due to it's simplicity and effectiveness. You can find the equalizer in most gyms and it is being used by personal trainers and bootcamps everywhere.
I use it with my clients at my home studio and at smith fitness center. Now you can have your own equalizer. It comes with an exercise DVD and exercise wall poster. Easy to assemble. Makes a great gift. Get yours today!

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't let Halloween make you Fat

I have some information that every person who wants to slim down and tone up needs to know: Halloween is when the holiday weight gain really starts. While December is usually the month blamed for holiday weight gain, I warn those wanting to lose fat, that thanks to Halloween, the fat actually starts to get packed on in late October. The amount of candy that people consume is alarming.

One of the main problems is the smaller ‘snack sizes’ that the candy manufacturers have made available. Eating several ‘mini’ chocolate bars is something people see as ‘ok’ because of their smaller size.”But I want to remind you that just because something is smaller, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to consume as many as you want. For men and women trying to lose fat, it’s imperative that they follow a plan and have goals. They can’t just have bags and bags of Halloween candy laying around for ‘Trick or Treaters’ and not expect to have their fair share – if they don’t have a plan.

I recommend these tips for keeping the fat off while still allowing for a Halloween treat:
1) Allow yourself just one piece of candy in the morning and then one in the afternoon. Skip any desserts that you would normally eat after dinner.
2) Only buy enough candy so that you expect to run out before the Halloween evening is over. It’s crucial to fat loss success to not have “trigger” foods lying around – the temptation is often too great.
3) Increase your exercise intensity on every day that you eat your two pieces of candy. This will counteract the increase in calories that you are consuming.
4) If people indulge a bit too much it’s important to forgive themselves and move on. Dwelling on the past will not help their success. Just hit it hard afterwards and get back on track.

For more information on nutrition supplements that can aid in fighting the holiday fat, please visit:

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fat Loss Honor Roll and Client Achievements 24 Oct 09

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Fat Loss Honor Roll and Client Achievements:

Betty lost 1.9% body fat this week- she is down 12.5% since Starting in July. - great work!

Brenda lost 2.2% body fat this week-she has lost 8% bodyfat in a month -awesome!

Kimberly bench pressed 115lbs - 10lbs away from the bench press club.

Anne bench pressed 105lbs - 20lbs away from the bench press club.

Great work Ladies!

If you are interested in joining my Women's Bench Press Club, you have to bench press 125lbs. You get a certificate of achievement, a t-shirt and your name gets added to the exclusive members roster.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacquelyn's Thursday Night Smoker

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No Pink dumbbells, spin bikes or aerobic steps here. So, if you like that sort of thing, keep on steppin on your stairmaster of despair. This ain't for you. Only people who want to make real progress and get in real shape need apply.
Many women fear the wrath of the Yard. They are intimidated and have a fear of the unknown. But there have been many women who faced that fear and went on to get in great shape. Some have said that maybe I should paint the sandbags and rocks pink - but you know that won't happen. Even if they were pink, they would still be heavy and unruly. The yard workouts can't be beat for effectiveness and total body intensity. It doesn't take long either. It is a proven system.
Tonight, Jacquelyn entered the fitness battlefield alone and finished a tough workout. Sandbags were the order of the day. 4 exercises for 4 rounds in 20 minutes, using the Tabata 50/10 protocol. Sandbag chest press, sandbag bent over rows, sandbag windshield wipers and the dreaded pushup to tire jump. She did a great job and crawled off the fitness battlefield, knowing she had done some serious work, in a short amount of time. See her in action.

Finishing the warmup

Sandbag Chest Press

Sandbag Bent Over Row

Sandbag Windshield Wipers

Pushup to Tire Jump


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Can Too Much Running Cause Death?

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Check out this article by Shin Ohtake, who is a widely recognized strength coach and fitness & fat-loss expert. He basically says the same thing as what I've been saying about over doing long distance cardio. Intensity not distance is the key for fitness and fat loss.
Can Too Much Running Cause Death?

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Workout of the Day: Blaze"

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Tonight, the house bootcamp girls (Jacquelyn and Brenda) did "WOD Blaze" consisting of the tire drag, wheel barrow sprint, battling ropes and the stone squat to overhead press. The 20/10 Tabata protocol was used for 4 rounds in 20 minutes. The girls did great. It doesn't look hard on the videos but let me tell you, it is a scorcher. Cardio and total body resistance training, together in a manner that causes the aerobic and anaerobic worlds to blend, in a lung and muscle burning fireball of despair. Here are the videos - I demo the workout and the girls put it into high gear, tabata style. There are those who will talk their smack, but everyone is welcome to come out and try it. You cannot duplicate the intensity of these workouts, unless your doing the same thing somewhere else. You have to experience it - it's like nothing you've done before. It will smoke all from beginner to advanced. Are you ready to give it a try?

WOD Blaze Demo

Warmup Jog

WOD Blaze

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arms and Core on a Tuesday night

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Tonight, I did a quick workout in between clients. I hit biceps, triceps and core in less than 45minutes. Went a little lighter than usual to protect the shoulder. Fast and furious.

100lbs Arm Curls with the EZ Curl bar

Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extensions

More Arm Curls 105lbs

Equalizer Tricep Dips

Kettlebell arm curls with rope

Rollouts to close grip pushups

Jumping Rope for warmup

The finisher - Wheel Barrow Sprints


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meal of the Week 16 Oct 09

This meal of the week consists of egg beater eggs, peas with mushrooms, and almond meal. It didn't take long to make and was good. Lot's of protein, good fats and some fibrous carbs. It hit the spot.

Bench Press on a Friday Night

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Tonight I crushed my chest with some heavy bench press sets. I warmed up with 135lbs x 12 reps and climbed the ladder with 225 x 1, 245 x 1, 275 x 1, 300 x 1, 305 x 1 and 295 x 2. I tried 315 like a dumbass, but couldn't do it. The negative rep with 315 was very taxing and it was beneficial even though I couldn't raise it back up. And the good news is that my trashed shoulder survived. So I have set my sights on being able to do 315 again but I have to go slow and listen to my body. I finished my workout with 6 reps of the wheel barrow at a fast pace, up and down the driveway, which wiped me out. The workout didn't take long, was very intense and was very productive. Long, drawn out workouts are self defeating. Alot of people ask me about supplements. My stance on supplements is that there is a bunch of good stuff out there and a bunch of bad stuff. I have used supplements for years, especially while in the Army, where peak performance had to be maintained forever. If you don't need them or don't want to use them, then don't. Do they help, yes! Are they essential - No. If you do decide to use them, you have to find stuff that works for you. Everybody is different and supplements interact with people differently. Through years of trial and error, I have found what works for me. I am a fan of muscletech products because I have had years of success with it. But many people haven't. So you have to be careful and experiment- but you have to be focused and know what you are trying to do. The supplements I use, are for performance enhancement and recovery only. I don't advocate anything to replace good, wholesome nutrition. So eat your good food, first and foremost. I have been using a pre-workout stack of Gakic and JACK3D, which has been awesome. Post workout, I still use Celltech, which has been my all time favorite for a million years now. It works for me. Here are some videos from the workout.

300lbs x 1 rep

305lbs x 1 rep

295lbs x 2 reps


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 Keys of Weight Loss Nutrition

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6 Keys of Weight Loss Nutrition
By Mike Roussell PhD(c)

In order for a person to begin to lose weight and avoid crash dieting, there are six pillars of nutrition. These pillars, or steps are progressive and one leads naturally to the next one. These pillars facilitate a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet that rarely works and often creates a yo-yo effect on a person's weight.

First Pillar - Eat five or six meals a day. This spreads meals over the course of a day rather than just eating one or two large meals a day which is not good on the body.

Second Pillar - Limit your consumption of sugar or processed foods. This includes soft drinks, frozen dinners, even "sports drinks" - Gatorade, vitamin water, all those types of drinks. You should also limit your intake of processed foods and deli meats.

Third Pillar - Eat more fruits and vegetables. This provides you lots of vitamins and minerals, they're going to boost your health; they are not very calorie-dense, so you're going to be able to eat a large volume of food without getting in many calories.

Pillar 4 - Drink more water and cut out calorie-containing beverages. That sort of goes along with Pillar 2, with the sugar, but here we're looking at beer, soda, those $5.00 lattes from places like Starbuck's or your favorite coffee place. Those are loaded with sugar, which are empty calories. Consider the vitamin water craze that's going on right now. These "healthy" drinks have 40 grams of carbohydrates. Research and scientific studies have shown that people aren't very good at sensing how many calories they're drinking. If you drink 200 calories in the form of a soda or a latte or something like that, when you go down to sit at your next meal, your body's not going to compensate and eat less. You will eat the same amount that you had previously.

Pillar 5 - Focus on consuming lean proteins throughout the day. This does not include processed meats, bologna, salami, deli meats. Replace these process meats with fish; there are different types of fish that you can eat. Even salmon, would normally and traditionally be considered the fattier types of fish; those are great because they contain great Omega 3 fatty acids. Chicken, lean red meat, pork are lean proteins and can be consumed as proteins at every meal.

The importance of eating enough protein is that it's going to provide you building blocks for muscle, and it's going tp help prevent the reduction and loss of lean body mass when you're dieting. This is very important, because when you lose lean body mass your metabolism slows down.In addition, protein is satiating; it makes you feel full and it has a greater thermic affect of food. It takes your body more energy to digest protein than it does to digest carbohydrates or fats.

6th Pillar - Save starch-containing foods until after your workouts or for breakfast. Basically what that means is foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, oatmeal can be consumed as foods after you've worked out, and then sometimes in the mornings for breakfast, which could be your first meal of the day.For oatmeal, that would be an ideal time to have. The reasoning behind this pillar is that your body takes those carbohydrates and puts them to use as a fuel and not as fat storage.

It has a lot to do with the hormone insulin, which when you eat carbohydrates, insulin is released and your blood sugar goes up. Now, insulin, it's just thinking to itself, "We just need to get the sugar out of the blood. I don't necessarily care where. We can go into muscle cells, or we can go into fat cells. Whatever's available."

After your workouts, insulin comes up, but your muscle cells are more sensitive to it. Therefore, your blood sugar rises, insulin is released, but all of a sudden, insulin is causing the blood sugar to go to your muscles and not your fat cells. So that's where you need to limit these starchy carbohydrates to a time when your body is going to preferably shuttle them to good places.
Put these simple nutritional tactics into play and you will start losing weight with great ease. Remember no more counting calories. Just follow these rules.

"Never Count Calories Again! Free 47 minute video reveals the secret to losing weight without counting calories ever again! To Download your copy visit

About the Author/More Info:Warp Speed Fat Loss is a complete 28 day diet and training system crafted to help youlose 10, 15, or 20lbs of body fat in just 28 day. To start losing weight fast visit . Mike Roussell is a nutrition doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania. Mike's writings can be found in magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, and Testosterone Nation. Mike specializes in fat loss nutrition and diets for busy men andwomen who need to lose weight fast without it interfering with their lives. Warp SpeedFat Loss is a complete Done-for-You A-Z Fat Loss Blueprint that gives youexactly everything you need to eat to lose weight in record time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 Simple Techniques to Minimize Your Swine Flu Risk

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I'm not an alarmist kinda person. Not at all. But the statistics don't lie:
- Seasonal flu annually sickens 5-20% of the population
But there's no need for gloom and doom. Just read these 7 simple techniques reduce your Swine Flu risk and you'll start feeling much better.
Reduce Your Swine Flu Risk

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Real Deal About Eggs

Today, Mikey made me egg salad sandwiches. They were really good. Not bad for a 10 yr old future chef. He used organic, cage free, free range chicken eggs. And Yes, he made them with the egg whites and yolks- I know OMG, that will kill you right? High cholesterol and fat and bad deadly stuff right? You'll get high cholesterol, fat, heart disease and all sorts of doom and gloom. That's what the main streamers have been telling you for the last 30 years. But the facts are a bit different.

So lets look at the facts. First of all, eggs have been around since the dawn of the chicken which has been a few years now. And man has been eating eggs with yolks and all for a blue moon or two. Heart disease, heart attacks and all of the other metabolic syndrome ingredients didn't pop up in the US until the early 1900's. So why didn't everyone explode in a fireball from eating egg yolks before the 1900's? The most common causes of death changed in the last century. Infectious and parasitic disease, as well as lung problems, were the main causes of death in the early 1900s. By 2001, cancer, heart disease, and stroke were the dominant causes. So somehow I can't fathom that egg yolks had anything to do with this but that's another story.

Egg yolks are full of cholesterol. Like most cholesterol-rich foods, they are jam-packed full of important nutrients, especially the fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.
In fact, the slew of nutrients in an egg yolk is so comprehensive that a few a day would offer better insurance than a multi-vitamin. Most importantly, the yolk contains most of the nutrients in an egg.

The Protein Benefit of Egg Whites: Egg White protein is the purest form of protein known to man in the entire world. Each 8-ounce cup gives you 26 grams of pure protein, only 2 grams of carbohydrates, NO fat and NO cholesterol. The protein found in eggs is of a higher quality than the protein found in meat and fish. They are 100% bio-available, which means NONE of it's amino acids are wasted. No artificial protein powder can make that claim. Other high protein sourced foods and supplements need to be broken down before the body absorbs the protein.

So whats the best answer - eat the whole damn egg -yolk and all for a protein and nutrient rich super food that is extremely good for you. Stop believing the lies and myths.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cut back on Calories and do More Exercise Right? - WRONG!

Most people today can tell you the common mainstream answer for what you need to do to lose weight. Cut back on your eating and become more active. Less in and more out equals a deficit and therefore weight loss. That's basically what everyone will tell you from your dietitian, to your nutrition teacher, your doctor and most trainers.

The funny thing is, they have been telling you this, for like 30 years and obesity levels are higher than ever. Then toss in the FDA Food Pyramid diet plan and BAM! You have a recipe for obesity, metabolic syndrome and sarcopenia (skinny Fat).

Sure - go ahead and eat like a bird, and what you do eat is usually high carb, no fat, low protein and then crank out 8 hours a day on a treadmill at a snails pace, reading your favorite book, while in the "fat burning zone". By golly don't you dare miss a cardio day or you might get fat. Then after 90 days to 6 months, look back at your fabulous progress. You would probably lose some weight in the beginning and then it would just kinda taper off. But you still jiggle in all the wrong places and although you may fit into a smaller pair of jeans because your quads are gone, you still look like a skinnier horrendous beast, naked. Back of the arm fat wings, back fat, belly, butt and hip blubber, cottage cheese thighs -all still there, but you lost 10lbs and fit into smaller clothes. And your feeling weak and tired, can't make it through the day without half a dozen of your favorite starbucks sugars lattes. How can this be, when you did what everyone told you to do?

There is only one human body and it only operates one way. Biology 101 is a course that just about everyone has taken in high school and college. But nobody remembers anything from the class - even your doctor and dietitian.

Here is a run down on how it works when you eat alot of carbs -in a nutshell.

Carbs (glucose) are used to provide energy to the body (muscles, brain, nervous system)
The liver and muscles can store small amounts of glucose (glycogen)
Carbs-especially simple sugars-are absorbed rapidly into the blood stream and cause a big rise in blood sugar levels
The pancreas then releases high levels of insulin
High insulin levels rapidly lower blood sugar levels
Then you crash and get hungry
Then you usually eat more carbs
This again leads to high levels of blood sugar
The pancreas has to release more high levels of insulin
This goes on and on kicking your ass.
Insulin becomes a bad thing and promotes bad stuff like fat storage.
All excess blood sugar that you don't use as fuel, is stored as fat in the fat cells of the body
Obesity follows: You get Mega Fat!

Toss in 8 hours a day of slow, useless cardio and the effect is amplified and made worse due to the extreme catabolic effects of feasting on your own lean tissue to survive.
So carbs have to be controlled. Your meals should have carbs, protein and fat. Highest carb intake should be at breakfast and post workout. Limit carbs at night, before bed. Eat the right amount of calories per meal and per day. Eat frequently 5-8 times a day every couple of hours. Lots of protein, a bunch of good fats and vegetables and fruit. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
Do targeted fat loss cardio and high intensity interval training along with metabolic resistance training focusing on strength and interval total body circuit work - heavy and fast with good form. Build muscle and burn fat! Be lean, healthy and strong, not weak and fat.
You can do it - just not on Tony's Gazelle while snacking on a 100 calorie snack pack.