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Monday, August 31, 2015

Plant Based Proteins Reality Check

Plant Based Proteins Reality Check


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sale! 30% off BioTrust Nutrition Products

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Charity WOD to End Veteran Suicide Completed

Shots from today's workout. 
22 exercises for 22 reps. That was a tough one, especially due to the heat and humidity. 

Scheduling a workout at noon in August wasn't the brightest move but it got done none the less.

It was a mental test as the sweating and electrolyte loss was heavy and quick, resulting in rapid fatigue and cramping. 

I kept myself going with an old army trick. Salt and sugar mixed in with my BCAAs and glutamine drink. 

We used to make field expedient electrolyte drinks with the MRE ration salt, sugar and kool aid packets. Crude but effective. 

I will be sore tomorrow. But it was good to push myself. Haven't gone that hard in awhile. 

Results happen outside your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Dempseys Resolution Fitness

Another Friday Night at my Favorite Bar

Another Friday night, hanging out at my favorite bar. 

Hit a warmup set with 225 x 10 using the awesome #slingshot. 

No shoulder pain and I felt like I had several more reps. Can't beat that. 

You can have the clubs and alcohol. Those days (years) are over for me. 

I just want my iron therapy and some good food. 


Monday, August 17, 2015

College: the education journey continues

Time to hit the books again. Making progress! 

Starting week 7/10 of the ISSA certified fitness trainer course and specialist in fitness nutrition course. 


Get your Fire Kable Paracord Wrist Bracelet for Free Today.

The fire kable para cord wrist bracelet is a great addition to any EDC or survival kit. 
It comes with usable para cord, a fire starter and a whistle. 

I carry one as part of my every day carry (EDC) kit. I have reviewed and tested mine and it works great!

It can be worn as a bracelet or clipped on to your kit or bug out bags. 
Having three components of your survival kit ( cordage, fire starter and whistle) in a handy bracelet make being prepared that much easier.

Right now, you can get your own fire kable para cord wrist bracelet for free- just cover the small shipping fee. 

This is an awesome deal to get a quality survival product to upgrade your survival kit or to give away as a gift.

Having the right survival gear on hand, when you need it, could be a life saver. 

You can grab your own fire kable para cord wrist bracelet today through the link here:


Monday, August 10, 2015

Support the WOD to End Veteran Suicide

Losing 22 veterans a day to suicide has to stop. 

We lose more veterans to suicide than to actual combat!

Help me raise money for Virtual WOD to End Veteran Suicide!

You can donate to the cause HERE

I will be conducting the WOD myself on 22 AUG 15 at 12:20PM est/

The WOD consists of 22 exercises for 22 reps each.

You can join me for FREE to do the WOD with me at
the Dempsey's Resolution Fitness Garage Gym.

I guarantee that you will have fun and get a great workout in.

Help support a great cause. Our veterans deserve better!

Donate HERE if you can. Anything can help!

Thanks and God Bless You, America and our Troops!

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, US Army Retired
NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Supplement Review: BPI Best Aminos

Just finished a trial run on BPI Sports Best Aminos BCAAs & glutamine formula. 

I never tried it before. After about a month of using it, I give it a thumbs up! 

Here is why: 1. stamina, energy and endurance was sustained while using this product throughout the workout each day.

2. Recovery- I did some pretty good workouts even on the days when I wasn't feeling it and I really haven't been fatigued or sore and normally I would be very much so. Very impressed with that part. 

3. It tastes good and mixes easy with cold water. Those are a must for a good supplement. Helps that the stuff works too. 😀

4. It isn't that expensive compared to some of the cool guy brands that basically have the same stuff but a different label. 

So overall it works for me and I like it. I will test more brands as I can. This one gets a green light.

If you want to try it out and save a few bucks, pick it up on my Trainer's Edge page and use the coupon code save5 for a 5% discount through my page. 


Fat loss vs Weight loss

Another exciting Friday night hitting the books for the ISSA certified fitness trainer course.

Tonight's topic was body fat assessments and lean body mass vs fat mass. 

So many people still use the nonsense of the scale to determine progress. 

People lose 10lbs and high five themselves when most if not all of the 10lbs came from lean body mass. All the fat is still there usually. 

That's why I have always taught fat loss vs weight loss. Losing 10lbs is not an achievement. Losing 10% of body fat is a huge achievement- big difference. 

My quest to educate the people on health & fitness continues. 


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Every damn day!

Every damn day! 
There are no excuses. 
You want it, go get it. 
Nobody is gonna give you anything. 
You gotta earn it! 
Every damn day!

Go get it!


Ditch the soda!

Ditch the soda! If you are trying to lose weight and get healthy, try this. 

Lemon and ginger infused water. 
Easy to prepare and super good for you!

Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, lemon and ginger have fat burning and metabolism boosting properties. 

I know when I drink a cold glass of this infused water with some stevia, it tastes great and gives me an energy boost equal to coffee. 

Give it a try and see what it can do for you. 


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Radio Time! Come join us!

Radio Time! Another fun talk. 

We talked about stretching for pain relief, how sitting for too long is not good and being more active by changing simple things in your routine. Good stuff!

Join us every week for the Dempsey's Resolution Fitness Hour on the Ranger Joe's God & Country Show AM1420 on Tuesdays from 2-3pm.


BioTrust protein cookies and bars sale!

My little princess loves her BioTrust protein cookies and protein bars. I love them too. 

Fortunately, BioTrust is having a sale today and you can get them for 22% off, which is an awesome deal. 

I'm ordering mine now. Just use the coupon code snacks22 at checkout and be sure to stock up today


Monday, August 3, 2015

Never let Monday win!

Monday was defeated again! It was a close fight as I was not feeling it at all. 

But I slammed my pre-workout and then hit BCAAs throughout the workout. That really helps not only with energy but to spare lean body mass loss during the workout. 

I was able to pull off a decent kettlebell rack and goblet box squat workout. 

The beauty of kettlebells is that not only did the glutes and hamstrings get worked good, but my upper body and core got worked from just stabilizing and holding the kettlebells.

Never let Monday win! You gotta be mentally strong as well as physically. 


Flavor God and my chicken

Healthy seasonings -Yes! My #FlavorGod seasoning came in today so I had to try it out on my baked chicken, walnuts and spinach. It is awesome and I'm now a member of the tribe.