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Monday, December 31, 2012

One Dollar 14 day Trial for Paleo Diet In A Box Program

One Dollar 14 day Trial for Paleo In A Box Program

Be S.M.A.R.T. When Planning Your New Year's Resolutions And Goals

This coming year should be one of your best ever. But you have to be S.M.A.R.T. when planning your resolutions and goals. Use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym in planning and have a higher chance of success. S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

Specific: A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. Identify exactly what one wants to accomplish. For example, “I want to walk 10,000 steps a day for the next four weeks,” or “I want to lose 5 pounds in the next four weeks.”

Measurable: Establish criteria for measuring progress toward each goal set. To determine whether the goal is measurable, ask questions such as “How much?” “How many?” “How will I know when it is accomplished?” If the goal can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.

Attainable: When the most important goals are identified, the goal setter can begin to figure out ways to make them come true. A goal needs to be slightly challenging. For example, if a new client aims to run a marathon next month, this is not attainable, but walking two miles per day probably is.

Realistic: Do not confuse realistic with easy. Realistic simply means that the goal is within the availability of resources, knowledge, and time.

Time-oriented: Set a time frame for the goal: for next week, in three months, by the next birthday. Putting an end point on a goal gives a clear target to work toward. If a time is not set, the commitment is too vague. Without a time limit, there’s no urgency to start taking action now.

New Year’s Resolutions

Percent of Americans who usually make New Year’s Resolutions: 45%

Percent of people who are successful in achieving their resolution: 8%

Percent who have infrequent success: 49%

Percent who never succeed and fail on their resolution each year: 24%

Statistics show that the average time it takes a person to break a new year's resolution is two weeks to one month

8 Reasons Your New Year's Resolutions Didn't Stick

1. You didn’t make a plan for it.

2. You forgot the reasons why you were doing it.

3. You didn’t plan for setbacks.

4. You didn’t have a strong support network.

5. You took on too much too fast.

6. You weren’t accountable to anyone.

7. It wasn’t that important in the first place.

8. You’re afraid of success.

So plan your resolutions and goals using the S.M.A.R.T. concept and you will be well on your way to 2013 your fittest year ever!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lenny Hits The 79lbs Kettlebells After Two Years Away

Fitness is a lifestyle. Lenny has proven this. When you follow the program and it becomes the new normal, your progress doesn't go away. From 305lbs to 245lbs -maintained for over two years now. It can be done.

Now is the time for you to change your life like Lenny has changed his.
New Deals, New Schedule, New Classes for 2013

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Monday, December 24, 2012

New Year's 2013 Group Fitness Class Specials and New Schedule

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Fitness: No Break Required

 Fitness doesn't take a break. It is a lifestyle. There is no rule that says you have to gain weight and get out of shape over the holidays and then try to start over over in January. Keep going or start now. Even 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Eat right and do some exercise everyday. Don't fall into the New Years fat trap. Be fit and live healthy everyday.

You survived the Mayan Doomsday but are you prepared to survive the holidays? What is your plan to stay fit over the next couple of weeks? Or are you one of the masses who will just let themselves go, gain weight, get out of shape and then pretend that some resolution will make it all go away in January?

I am opposed to this social concept that there is some unwritten rule that says you have to do that. It is not the case. You can survive the holidays by doing simple things to make sure that you don't gain a bunch of fat, get out of shape and start the new year in a bad way.

Eat as best you can and get in some exercise. Even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Just 72-96 hours of no exercise sends your body into a catabolic tailspin of muscle loss and fat gain. That makes January a much tougher time for you to succeed with your resolutions. Take action now and avoid all that.

Be smart about your choices, do some exercise and enjoy yourself. You will be thankful that you did when January comes.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Lean Program Winter 2012: Starting Week 4.

I'm in the 4th week of my winter 2012 get lean program. My boxer shorts kept falling to my feet because they are just way too big now. So I had to go buy all new smaller ones. I'm back down to 207. My lightest weight in about 20 years. That's down 3lbs in like 5 days - not really cool but I guess that is a sign that the program is working.

The intermittent fasting is still kicking and I'm eating everything in sight during my feeding window. I've tracked a few days of my calorie intake on my fitness pal. If you use my fitness pal, friend me on there and I can help you with your plan. I just joined recently.

Tracking your numbers even for a couple days, really shows you alot. I was coming up way short even when I thought I was eating like a mad dog. So I ate more, way more and I actually went over a few times. But it was really difficult to eat too much when the foods were clean. My fitness pal calculations come up short when I compare it to the calorie programming that I use but it is a good ball park guide to show you where you are at and where you need to go.

So when you think you are doing good and eating enough - usually you are not. That's your brain telling you that you are good so you can start to plateau. Remember the difference between I think and I know. I thought I was eating the right amounts but in reality I was way short. I can't afford to stall now with all the work I have done. That's how you need to think as well.

My workouts have been heavy and getting better. I got 305lbs on the bench with the sling shot after a year off of heavy benching. I'm still working on mobility and flexibility after my last odd back injury which left me really tight and sore for the last few weeks. But it's coming along.

The plateau monkey is chasing me down and I'm trying to stay one step ahead without breaking myself. Stay focused and remember that your brain will try to stall your progress. Plateaus are normal and ok, you just need to plan for it.

We'll see how my numbers look later in the week. Keep at it and I'll have more for you soon.


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Personal Trainer Food: 28 Days Of Good Food Shipped To Your Door

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Get Lean Program Winter 2012 Week 3 Update

This week the meals have been wacked out. I have to go grocery shopping. Running out of food.

Had some high calorie cheat meals. I've averaging 2 meals a day during the feeding window. The intermittent fasting is working but it's not a fun time for someone who likes to eat the 6 meals a day starting with breakfast.

I'm pretty much hungry all the time yet I'm still under on calories by a lot.

Workouts have been ok but not where I wanted them to be. Strength is coming back. Shoulder is feeling good. Slowly making the lifts heavier.

Water intake has been better but still not enough.

I started using my fitness pal for a visual on the meal plan. If you are on there hit me up. My screen name is ericd6.

After looking at my calories and meal layout on my fitness pal, it reminded me of how hard it is to get in the right amount of calories and the right macronutrient ratio with good foods. I'm way low usually which isn't cool. Work in progress.

Numbers this week as of 13 Dec.
weight: 210
waist: 38
Body fat % BEI: 21.7

Pretty much hovering around the same although I did tighten up a bit this week. Gotta crank it into gear next week.

Stay tuned. More to follow.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Workout Guide: Workout at home with a common chair

If you have the discipline to workout at home then you have all that you need to get in shape. Here in this video, I show you a bunch of exercises that you can do anywhere with a common chair. Hotel, motel, family's house, outside, inside, on the moon... Meaning there is no excuse.

There are a zillion more exercises and variations of each that you can do with a chair. I show you a bunch but I couldn't possibly do them all. How to use this video over the holidays: Pick a couple exercises per day and knock out a quick intense workout that covers major parts and then if you eat good, the holidays won't be an issue.


If you would like me to help you with your exercise and nutrition plan but you are too far away or can't make it to my studio; I offer Online Training where I can help you with your program anywhere using email, text, phone, skype etc... Nutrition coaching and exercise programming as well as support, motivation, counsel and advise.  Contact me if you want to know more.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kelly Joins The Women's Deadlift Club

Kelly joins the Women's Deadlift Club with a 205lb barbell deadlift. Now she has only the 125lb bench press left to receive the Iron Woman 2.0 award.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

10 Minute Holiday Workouts At Home

While your schedule maybe hectic and the gym is the last thing on your mind, you can salvage all of your hard work by spending as little as 10 minutes a day with a quick home workout and intermittent fasting.

Here is an example of a quick weekly schedule of what you can do at home in 10 minutes or less per day.

Monday: do as many deep bodyweight squats as you can in one minute and then go into reverse lunges, alternating legs for another minute. Hold onto a door frame or bedpost if you have to. Then finish with your staircase (if you have one) and go up and down the stairs 10 times as fast as you can. No stairs, then get down and do a minute of mountain climbers.

Tuesday: 1 minute of front plank on your elbows or hands followed by the side plank (each side) for one minute each. Then finish with 25 leg raises and 25 crunches. Do more if you can.

Wednesday: grab two objects of same weight (dumbbells if you have them) or use something like water bottles, books, cans - whatever is handy in the house. Do a quick shoulder circuit of overhead presses, front raises and side raises 20-30 reps each with no rest. 

Thursday: chair dips and chair arm curls - max reps 1 minute each then jumping jacks for a minute - repeat 3 times.

Friday: Max reps wide arm, regular width and close grip pushups for one minute each - alternate with floor hip extension bridges 1 minute each.

Saturday: burpees for 30 seconds -repeat 3-6 times

Sunday: rest and work on your meal plan

Intermittent fasting: 16 hour fast with and 8 hour feeding window. High protein, medium fat low carb. 

Use your imagination and make up quick workouts like the examples above. Do something! Even these little short intense workouts will help and if you add in the intermittent fasting, there is no reason that anyone has to gain weight and lose all your strength and muscle over the busy season.

If you can't make it to the gym and would like me to help you in much greater detail, I offer online training that you can do from email, text, skype, facebook, phone or however you need to.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meal Movement Special Offer -Save $100 if you order before the 9th

Meal Movement Program Special! Save $100 if you order by the 9th.


Get Lean Program Update - Half way through week 2

Get lean program update -Half way through week 2 of the 5 week winter get lean program. Numbers to date: totals: weight down 2.5lbs, Bodyfat down 2.7%, Waist down 3/4 inch. Performance is way up. Heavy weights creeping in. Eating like a mad dog when not fasting. Still getting hungry. Feeling good though.

If you'd like to join me in the get lean program, the get sexy for santa special is going on now.