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Friday, November 20, 2009

Updated Stats From My Experiment

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My Experiment Continues: I continue to track my stats without tracking my meal plan or calories. So as you can see I have continued to slowly progress over time. The numbers tell a story. The key numbers are the caliper hipbone measurement (SI MM) and weight.
I have stayed within 3 pounds with my caliper millimeter measurement going down from it's highest of 8mm to 2mm - a loss of 6mm, I have maintained a 1 to 1.5 inch loss from my waist, and the bodyfat percentage has gone down from it's highest of 13.8 to 6.7 which is a loss of 7.1%. This has been slow, steady progress over 2 months.

Stat Updates:
10 SEP: SI MM 7, BF 11.5, WT 219.5, WAIST 39
14 SEP: SI MM 8, BF 13.8, WT 219
28 SEP: SI MM 6, BF 11.5, WT 217
25 OCT: SI MM 4, BF 9.2, WT 220, WAIST 37.5
01 NOV: SI MM 4, BF 9.2, WT 218, WAIST 37.5
07 NOV: SI MM 5, BF 9.2, WT 218.5, WAIST 38
11 NOV: SI MM 3, BF 6.7, 217.5, WAIST 37.75
19 NOV: SI MM 2, BF 6.7, 218, WAIST 37.5

I don't follow the program that I use for my clients because I don't have the same goals as most clients do. I don't do targeted fat loss cardio or any cardio for that matter. I don't do Tabata drills or any timed interval metabolic resistance training. I don't journal my meals, count calories, plan my meals, or do any preparation. I do single bodypart training with maximal weight, focusing on 1 rep max training. I eat mostly clean and follow the basic guidelines that I teach, loosely. I eat allot and I eat frequently. I make no deliberate effort to burn fat or get lean. And I still can make progress.

So what's my point? If I followed my program, that I have you follow, my progress would have skyrocketed. So if you are following the program and your not making the progress you want - the key question is why? I have now shown you that it can be done with minimal effort and no tracking. So if your tracking numbers and doing everything your supposed to be doing, you should be smoking toward your goals. If you want to achieve your goals then do so. Stop making excuses and follow the program. It works, it's been proven by dozens of my personal training clients and bootcampers. Yoda said do or do not, there is no try.

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