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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kettlebell Exercises That I Use And Teach Part 1

Kettlebells are awesome fitness tools that develop strength, power and endurance. They teach your body fluid, explosive, dynamic movement. Kettlebells are an extreme core enhancer. -awesome core training.

Once you learn the biomechanics of kettlebells, all other lifts and exercises are quicker to learn and excel at. I train people on kettlebells and teach the standard drills and lifts before I'll ever have them do barbell olympic lifts. There are a variety of reasons about why but when I do have someone transition to barbells after kettlebells, they pick it up very quick.

Like all of the other aspects of my hybrid program, it is strength based. So heavy kettlebells are the goal.

Here are 3 of the common exercises / drills that I teach. I will cover more exercise / drills in future posts.

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Terina Joins The Women's Kettlebell Club

Terina became the 8th woman to join the women's kettlebell club since it's inception in 2006. She actually did this awhile ago but I only recently got pictures.

To qualify for the club, one must execute individual cleans from the floor starting with the weak hand, then execute a full deep squat to overhead press with a 45lb kettlebell in each hand.

It is a tremendous exercise in general and 45lb KBs are a great challenge for most women.

Membership in this club is one of the four qualifying events to receive the iron woman 2.0 award. Terina has 3/4 complete so far. Great Job Terina!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fat Loss Nutrition For Dummies Sat Nov 3rd

Fat Loss Nutrition Class For Dummies this Saturday at 10:30am.

There will be a free bootcamp workout after the nutrition class from 11:30 to 12:30. There will be a coin toss to see if Big Tire or Dave wins as workout of the day.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

You want to look your best for the Holidays, Don't you? Try The November Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp Special

You want to look your best for the holidays, don't you?

Prepare for the holidays with the Rapid Fat Loss Fitness Bootcamp. For all fitness levels.

You are offered 7 classes a week. Mon-Wed-Fri at 12-1pm and Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu at 7-8pm. You can attend any or all of these classes.

Special Runs from Nov 1st - Nov 30th. Reg price is $199 but if you enroll by Nov 1st, you can attend for only $100.

Nutrition coaching, 6 weeks of meal plans and targeted fat loss cardio plan included.

Get a friend to sign up with you and receive an additional week of bootcamp for free. 

For new and returning clients only. Call, Text or email to enroll. 706-573-4236.

Also visit our website at and Facebook Fan Page at

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Merella lost 5.5 inches with her first wrap

Merella lost 5.5 inches with her first wrap. I have 2 left at the studio or you can order online here.


Fitness Bootcamp: Halloween Prep Special

Come attend bootcamp at 6am tomorrow wed 24 Oct and receive the last 2 weeks of oct bootcamp for only $40 and qualify for the november special of 4 weeks of bootcamp for only 100 reg 199. Now is the time to get fit or get fatter - You are worth it and deserve to be healthy. First 10 only.


Monday, October 22, 2012

6am Early Bird Bootcamp Halloween Prep Special

Start on Wed 24 Oct to prep for Halloween and pay only $40 for 4 workouts Reg $67.

Finish the month out and qualify for the November bootcamp special.

6 week meal plan (included free) and targeted fat loss cardio program (Included free) on the off days, plus 4 total body metabolic conditioning workouts will give you 8.5 days to slim down by Halloween night. 

Classes run Wed Oct 24th, Fri Oct 26th, Mon Oct 29th and Wed Oct 31st. 6am-7am

Only taking the first 10 new clients.  Act now, first 10 only. PM me if interested. Or just wear stretchy clothes to hide the fat. 


5 ways to get your nutrition plan started!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Sexy Slim Down Program Initial Results

After the first 9 days of the 2012 sexy slim down program, here are some results based upon body weight  body fat percentage by hand held bio-electrical impedance device and waist measurement.

Jerry lost 8.5lbs, 0.9% bodyfat and 2in from his waist

Brittany lost 3lbs, 1% body fat and 2.5in from her waist

Terri lost 2lbs, 0.6% body fat and 2in from her waist

Marcea lost 4lbs, 2.8% body fat and 4in from her waist

Amber lost 6.1lbs, 0.8% body fat and 1.5in from her waist

Connie lost 6lbs, 2.1% body fat and 3in from her waist

Great work everyone! Keep it going!

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

What Type Of Fitness Training Client Are You?

In the fitness industry, you come across all sorts of people. So my Fitness Clients are rated as A, B or C level clients. "A" clients are awesome, make mad progress, promote your business, refer new clients, are worthy of videos and pictures and are a pleasure to train.

"B" clients are your average run of the mill people who range from almost "A" level to just above "C" level. "B" clients obviously make up the majority of clients. Mostly a really good bunch.

And then there are the "C" clients. Let's just say that these people don't last long for a variety of reasons, which range from quitting (my favorite - I love it when they pay and then quit because it was too hard or whatever BS excuse they have) all the way to me firing them.

So what level client are you? What level client do you wish you were? Do you even care? Are you content with the fat rolls and triple chins combined with the bad attitude and massive health problems?  Do you blame everyone else for your issues and problems and accept no responsibility for any of it. The man kept you down! -right?

Are you still doing pushups on your knees after two months of training?

Are you barely making progress every week on your body composition?

Are you skipping workouts and just showing up when you feel like it?

Are you displaying a " I don't care" attitude during training?

What type of client do you think the above questions refer to? - Obviously a C level client. The kind I don't want in my studio is the answer.

I have people as me all sorts of questions during consults and what not. A classic is "Why You". And it's a good question that every trainer should be able to answer confidently. And they should ask it.

But I have a question for them as well. Why should I train you? They say "cause I'm gonna pay you duh and that's your job". That's an automatic C level rating right there. I'm not rich so most times I'll take their money, knowing they will wash out soon.

Bottom line: Don't be a C level client in any aspect of life. You can do better. Never lower yourself. Be proud, be fit, be healthy. Strive to be the A level client.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Get Lean Program: October Update

I've been getting a little lax lately on the nutrition program and my water intake has been down. So water retention and smoothness is creeping in. Intermittent fasting has been loosely followed but I know I've been light on calories and my macronutrient ratio has been off. Aside from my slacking, I still managed to go down 2% on bodyfat from September while maintaining weight and measurements. Workouts have been short duration multi-sets throughout the day. Slowly increasing weight and being careful to protect the joints. Cooler weather affects my joints, arthritis and old injuries. Knowing the data and the variables is half the battle. I'll restock the fridge with good stuff and fill up the water bottle and things will improve. Remember that one meal doesn't ruin a day, one day doesn't ruin a week and one week doesn't ruin a month. So if you've been off your game like I've been, don't despair. You can fix it on your next meal or day. You can always fix it. Never give up.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Early Morning Bootcamp Starts Monday 6am

6am Bootcamp starting Monday! NO BS! if you want to train early, this is it. First ten people. No other deals, no slack - serious people only. $120 a month limited time offer - reg price is $199. Act now or lose out. Who else wants to start your day with more energy and have your workout already done- before work or your busy day? Join the team. Sign up Now! 706-573-4236 or

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Core Strength: The Foundation Of Fitness

Core strength is vital for all fitness and human movement events. Without a strong core, your progress is limited and you are more susceptible to injury. Core is more than just abs. It's everything from the chest down to your hips. And it's 360 degrees around your spine. Front, back and sides, including the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. That's why my training includes core work in almost every exercise. Pushups and squats for example, have a huge core component as does almost everything. Some of the best core training exercises includes all planks, bridges, overhead lifts and rotational movements, back training. Once you master that concept, your performance will improve dramatically. When in doubt, do more core training.


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Monday, October 8, 2012

Before Mud Runs Were Cool- How About A 35KM Cross Country Evasion Exercise

So everyone is always asking me if I'm going on this or that obstacle mud run and the answer is NO!
During my 20 years in the Army, long before mud runs became cool, I did my more than my share of running, negotiating obstacles, running through mud, sleeping in mud, living in mud. I don't feel any calling to go do it again. 

One such event that reminds me that I don't want to do a mud run (and there are many such events), is the 35km cross country evasion exercise that I participated in and completed while I was stationed in Germany around 1988. I was assigned to 3rd Armored Division's Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) in Frankfurt, Germany. At the time, I was serving as a Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) on a 6 man Long Range Surveillance Team. Our primary mission was to conduct surveillance and reconnaissance operations to gather intelligence on enemy forces (read Warsaw pact / Soviet / Cold War) and report to our higher headquarters. 

Being on a 6 man team, out in no man's land, on your own, you didn't have any backup and you didn't want to get caught. So we did SERE (survival, escape, resistance, evasion) training alot. I graduated from the ILRRPS Survival with resistance to interrogation course and we constantly practiced what we learned in school. Of course, medical training was a critical skill as well so we were all EMT (emergency medical technician) and combat lifesaver qualified. 

Every once and awhile the commander wanted to put the training to the test to see what you were made of. 

One dark, stormy, German, winter night, we were woken up in our barracks by the pounding on our doors at 2am. Told to report outside in 15 minutes in civilian clothes with our survival kits, a compass, 2qt canteen of water and survival radio. Outside we went to formation. We were broken down into 2 man teams and we loaded vehicles blindfolded.

Driving for about an hour, at least, making numerous turns, circles and other distractions to confuse and disorient us. Vehicles stopped, tailgates dropped, blindfolds removed, we were ushered out of the vehicles. Brought to the map on the hood of the vehicle, we were shown our current location and given a strip map with our next point.

The vehicles drove off and my ranger buddy and I were standing there, on a hilltop, alone in the dark. We got our bearings, looked at our piece of paper (strip map), and off we went. We encountered all sorts of terrain. Rolling hills, farmland, marshland, villages, cities, woodlands were all mixed in on the route. We ran almost the whole way, except when we were negotiating obstacles (hills, ravines, ditches, fences, swamps, creeks, rivers, guard rails, walls), swimming (river was big, couldn’t use bridges), or climbing (walls, steep hills, fences) and sliding or tumbling as in my case (down hills, steep slopes).

We came across all sorts of wild life such as angry guard dogs, cats, cows, hogs, chickens, and horses. Of course the critters made noise so they were obstacles that had to be avoided. The angry dogs and German cows (see related cow story) chased us down numerous times. Just added to the fun. 

There was a high fence that we had to get over and on the other side was a pair of dobermans in the yard, we sprinted and scaled the next wall like freakin spiderman. You never run as fast, as when an animal, that wants to eat you, is chasing you!

The German local police, our own MP’s and our Blackhawk helicopters were all in on the exercise as the opposing forces. They hunted us as we evaded. Chokepoints, checkpoints, choppers in the air overhead, police dogs tracking us, all made it even more cool (not).

Let’s not forget that we were being timed, running most of the way, navigating on the fly without any real map, being hunted by the bad guys and we were with no food, wet, cold and quickly running out of water. We had 21 miles to go before dinner.

We went from point to point. One strip map was taped under a park bench to the next point, one was taped under a bench in a train station with cops and dogs standing nearby, another at the top of a barn roof where we had to climb a big ass ladder. Needless to say every single bit of the whole ordeal sucked ass.

My ranger buddy could run way faster than me so he was jogging while I was sprinting. He was cussing me out for being slow the whole time. I was so smoked it wasn’t funny. We finally made it back to the barracks and reported in before the 1800 cutoff time. We were debriefed, checked by medics, slapped on the back and sent to chow – Good job Ranger! Just another day at the office as a LRS guy.

I did stuff like this over and over, year after year. Testing the limits of my strength, endurance, spirit and sometimes sanity. Another example: I did the Malvesti obstacle course and the Darby queen obstacle course in Ranger school 19 years ago.

So I currently have no desire to negotiate obstacles, run a 5k and crawl through water, mud, under barbed wire to drink a beer at the end. If that’s your thing and you dig that stuff, then knock yourself out with it and have fun. But don’t ask me to go with you -unless you’re a hot chick who needs someone to soap you up and wash the mud off after - if that's the case you might convince me to go with you. J

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Women's Strength Club Achievements

This week we have had two ladies added to strength club rosters. Terina joined the women's kettlebell club and Ester joined the women's tire stack plyo jump club. Great job ladies!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Time For The 2nd Annual 16 day Sexy Slim Down Program

It's Time for the 2nd annual Sexy Slim Down Program. 8-29 Oct. 

Only $67 or split the cost with a buddy ($33.50). New Clients Only.

Nutrition program, cardio program and 6 week meal plan included. 

Last year's top result was Lisa with a 10.6% bodyfat loss and 5 inches from her waist in the first 10 days. 

What can you accomplish in 16 days?

Enroll Now! Call, txt or email.