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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cut back on Calories and do More Exercise Right? - WRONG!

Most people today can tell you the common mainstream answer for what you need to do to lose weight. Cut back on your eating and become more active. Less in and more out equals a deficit and therefore weight loss. That's basically what everyone will tell you from your dietitian, to your nutrition teacher, your doctor and most trainers.

The funny thing is, they have been telling you this, for like 30 years and obesity levels are higher than ever. Then toss in the FDA Food Pyramid diet plan and BAM! You have a recipe for obesity, metabolic syndrome and sarcopenia (skinny Fat).

Sure - go ahead and eat like a bird, and what you do eat is usually high carb, no fat, low protein and then crank out 8 hours a day on a treadmill at a snails pace, reading your favorite book, while in the "fat burning zone". By golly don't you dare miss a cardio day or you might get fat. Then after 90 days to 6 months, look back at your fabulous progress. You would probably lose some weight in the beginning and then it would just kinda taper off. But you still jiggle in all the wrong places and although you may fit into a smaller pair of jeans because your quads are gone, you still look like a skinnier horrendous beast, naked. Back of the arm fat wings, back fat, belly, butt and hip blubber, cottage cheese thighs -all still there, but you lost 10lbs and fit into smaller clothes. And your feeling weak and tired, can't make it through the day without half a dozen of your favorite starbucks sugars lattes. How can this be, when you did what everyone told you to do?

There is only one human body and it only operates one way. Biology 101 is a course that just about everyone has taken in high school and college. But nobody remembers anything from the class - even your doctor and dietitian.

Here is a run down on how it works when you eat alot of carbs -in a nutshell.

Carbs (glucose) are used to provide energy to the body (muscles, brain, nervous system)
The liver and muscles can store small amounts of glucose (glycogen)
Carbs-especially simple sugars-are absorbed rapidly into the blood stream and cause a big rise in blood sugar levels
The pancreas then releases high levels of insulin
High insulin levels rapidly lower blood sugar levels
Then you crash and get hungry
Then you usually eat more carbs
This again leads to high levels of blood sugar
The pancreas has to release more high levels of insulin
This goes on and on kicking your ass.
Insulin becomes a bad thing and promotes bad stuff like fat storage.
All excess blood sugar that you don't use as fuel, is stored as fat in the fat cells of the body
Obesity follows: You get Mega Fat!

Toss in 8 hours a day of slow, useless cardio and the effect is amplified and made worse due to the extreme catabolic effects of feasting on your own lean tissue to survive.
So carbs have to be controlled. Your meals should have carbs, protein and fat. Highest carb intake should be at breakfast and post workout. Limit carbs at night, before bed. Eat the right amount of calories per meal and per day. Eat frequently 5-8 times a day every couple of hours. Lots of protein, a bunch of good fats and vegetables and fruit. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
Do targeted fat loss cardio and high intensity interval training along with metabolic resistance training focusing on strength and interval total body circuit work - heavy and fast with good form. Build muscle and burn fat! Be lean, healthy and strong, not weak and fat.
You can do it - just not on Tony's Gazelle while snacking on a 100 calorie snack pack.
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