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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't let Halloween make you Fat

I have some information that every person who wants to slim down and tone up needs to know: Halloween is when the holiday weight gain really starts. While December is usually the month blamed for holiday weight gain, I warn those wanting to lose fat, that thanks to Halloween, the fat actually starts to get packed on in late October. The amount of candy that people consume is alarming.

One of the main problems is the smaller ‘snack sizes’ that the candy manufacturers have made available. Eating several ‘mini’ chocolate bars is something people see as ‘ok’ because of their smaller size.”But I want to remind you that just because something is smaller, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to consume as many as you want. For men and women trying to lose fat, it’s imperative that they follow a plan and have goals. They can’t just have bags and bags of Halloween candy laying around for ‘Trick or Treaters’ and not expect to have their fair share – if they don’t have a plan.

I recommend these tips for keeping the fat off while still allowing for a Halloween treat:
1) Allow yourself just one piece of candy in the morning and then one in the afternoon. Skip any desserts that you would normally eat after dinner.
2) Only buy enough candy so that you expect to run out before the Halloween evening is over. It’s crucial to fat loss success to not have “trigger” foods lying around – the temptation is often too great.
3) Increase your exercise intensity on every day that you eat your two pieces of candy. This will counteract the increase in calories that you are consuming.
4) If people indulge a bit too much it’s important to forgive themselves and move on. Dwelling on the past will not help their success. Just hit it hard afterwards and get back on track.

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