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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jacquelyn's Thursday Night Smoker

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No Pink dumbbells, spin bikes or aerobic steps here. So, if you like that sort of thing, keep on steppin on your stairmaster of despair. This ain't for you. Only people who want to make real progress and get in real shape need apply.
Many women fear the wrath of the Yard. They are intimidated and have a fear of the unknown. But there have been many women who faced that fear and went on to get in great shape. Some have said that maybe I should paint the sandbags and rocks pink - but you know that won't happen. Even if they were pink, they would still be heavy and unruly. The yard workouts can't be beat for effectiveness and total body intensity. It doesn't take long either. It is a proven system.
Tonight, Jacquelyn entered the fitness battlefield alone and finished a tough workout. Sandbags were the order of the day. 4 exercises for 4 rounds in 20 minutes, using the Tabata 50/10 protocol. Sandbag chest press, sandbag bent over rows, sandbag windshield wipers and the dreaded pushup to tire jump. She did a great job and crawled off the fitness battlefield, knowing she had done some serious work, in a short amount of time. See her in action.

Finishing the warmup

Sandbag Chest Press

Sandbag Bent Over Row

Sandbag Windshield Wipers

Pushup to Tire Jump


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