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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cheat Meals and Carb Rotation to Blast the Fat Off

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Hi Everyone,
You want your cake and you want to be able to eat it too right? Then listen to this.

If you have made progress on your nutrition plan but you want to take things to the next level to avoid plateau, and to continue shedding unwanted fat, there are more advanced nutrition techniques that you can follow. Two big techniques that have been proven to work are cheat days and carb rotation. I recommend these techniques to clients after they have made good progress on my basic nutrition plan.

How would you like to have a guilt free, cheat day where anything goes and you can reward your hard work all week with a day of eating whatever you wanted? The cheat day is the answer when you combine it with carb rotation or cycling.

This has to do with hormone manipulation such as leptin and insulin which have a huge impact on fat loss. So how do you do this advanced stuff? This is what a basic week could look like for you: Mon - low carb, Tue - low glycemic load /index, Wed - low Glycemic load/index, Thu - Higher Glycemic load/ index, Fri - Higher Glycemic load/index, Sat - cheat day, Sun - low carb. So you can see your carb / sugar levels gradually increase all week and culminate on your cheat day, then you go back to low carb and start over. This method can be modified numerous ways based upon your needs. There are zillions of ways to cheat and rotate carbs. You have to find the best way for you. -meaning find what actually works for your body. If this stuff interests you then check out the Cheat Your Way Thin Program. This is an advanced nutrtion program that allows you to rotate carbs and have a glorius cheat day. I use the techniques in this program as part of my advanced nutrtion program. Check it out, because when you do it right, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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