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Monday, November 25, 2013

Simple Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving Without Getting Fat

Well Thanksgiving week is here and many people have given in to the fact, that getting fat and gaining weight are inevitable. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

Here are some simple steps to survive Thanksgiving without getting fat and packing on the pounds.

Have a strategy - Using this simple plan of attack, you can eat and enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving. 
You know the actual big meal that you have planned with your family is where you will consume the most calories out of the day. So make it ok.

Turn the big Thanksgiving meal into an epic carb refeed / cheat meal that actually puts you into an anabolic, muscle building, fat burning state.

When you sit down for the big meal, you want to be in a carb and calorie deficit. 

The day before Thanksgiving:

Keep the calories and carbs low all day. 

Do a high intensity workout and after you eat your post workout meal, keep the carbs low.

Thanksgiving day:

Don't eat a lot before the big meal. Save yourself for the big meal.

Keep the carbs and fats super low and the protein high with anything you eat before the big meal.

Avoid processed foods and junk food / sugary snacks before the big meal.

Drink lots of water.

Try to do a quick workout / take a walk before the big meal.

Avoid snacking - wait for it!

Big meal time:

Hit the lean protein and veggies first - make this the biggest part of the meal

Keep the fat low - high carbs means low fat - never eat big fats and big carbs together - so easy on the fats so you can enjoy your carbs. 

Hit the starchy carbs next

Finish with the good stuff - desserts and everything else. 

Have a great time and enjoy yourself!

Day after Thanksgiving:

High protein / medium fats / low carb- all day

Try to get a workout or a walk in.


If you can follow this simple plan, you will minimize the damage and stay in a fat burning, muscle building state.

Be thankful and have a great week.

If you want to see a more detailed version of this plan, check out Feast Your Fat Away


Friday, November 22, 2013

How to eat cookies and bread while losing 5-17 pounds

What if you could eat bread every day, yet still manage to
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There's a couple in South Carolina who actually unlocked the
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

JP joins the men's kettlebell club!

JP (16yr old football player), joins the men's kettlebell club with a clean to squat to overhead press with 79lb kettlebells. Great job JP!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tips for exercising in cold weather

Now that the first below 30 degree weather has arrived for however briefly, there are some things to remember about working out in the cold.

1. Dress in layers. Easier to take stuff off when you warm up rather than wishing you had more to put on. Plus sweat makes your clothes wet and after you cool down you can get really cold fast. Better to be able to put something warm and dry back on when you are finished cooling down.

2. Keep your head, ears and hands covered. These areas are quick to get cold and not good to be exposed to cold for too long. You can take a hat and gloves off when you need to.

3. Wear appropriate footwear for the training you are doing and the environment. Don't slip and slide into an injury with the wrong shoes on.

4. Cover your face if the air is really cold. Breathing cold air while out of breath from sprints, running or other exercise can make life really suck.

5. Stay hydrated and eat your planned meals. Skipping water and food when its cold out will hamper your progress and possibly lead to health issues.

6. Check the forcast, plan appropriately for clothing and travel and use common sense.

7. Warm up and cool down sufficiently and spend a little extra time stretching as cold muscles require a little more prep for vigorous training.

Don't let weather slow your progress towards your goals. Plan, prepare and continue to train hard and smart.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Did you eat the left over Halloween Candy? I sure did!

For Halloween this year, I bought a bunch of candy to hand out to the kids trick or treating and I handed out most of it but I had a bag left over. I said I will just give it to my kids as a treat for eating a super healthy meal. 

But then I failed myself in a moment of weakness and chowed it down. I did manage to save a handful for my daughter but it was bad.

I blame it on the seasonal changes and a drop in my serotonin levels -or more accurately, that it was just damn good. I broke my own rule and I bought candy that I like - big mistake, never do that.

So I've been doing my "walk your way to abs" program every morning after the 6 am class and eating good but my carbs have been higher, especially with the candy. And that means insulin levels have been higher as well.

That explains why even though I added a new cardio/abs workout to my routine, my progress has been stalled because of the carb/sugar/insulin spike. Combine that with some cold weather, which makes me want to avoid drinking my gallon of water and boom -you have the recipe for a muffin top. AKA Fat Ass.

So if you have done anything similar to what I have done, do not despair, because you can fix it just as quick.

Never believe that old hype about "it takes time to lose weight and get back in shape" - that's a cop out to make you feel better about yourself when you have been half steppin.

So to make the world all better, follow these steps with me to get back on track to the road to being lean.

1. No more candy - boom cold turkey -throw it out or give it away.

2. Increase your water intake up to around a gallon a day gradually.

3. Cycle your carbs based upon your activity level. High carbs pre & post workout, Low carbs the rest of the day. When carbs are high, protein is medium and fat is low and in reverse, when carbs are low, fat is medium and protein in high.

4. Hit your workouts hard and eat clean with low sodium, lean proteins, good fats and fibrous carbs. Remember the example meal of chicken breast, almonds and broccoli.

5. Prep your meals before hand and have them ready.

If you follow those steps as I am going to, starting now, you will notice a rapid reduction/tightening of the belly area.

These steps are all things that you should be doing everyday, anyway. You can undue the Halloween candy damage in as little as 3-5 days. I'm getting back on track now and I encourage you to do the same.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness