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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sometimes With Age, Comes Wisdom!

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So tonight, before I ran my home bootcamp girls through the Tuesday night floor, core and more workout, I decided to knock out another fast and furious workout. I did some higher rep, lighter, warm up sets of band pull aparts, arm curls, overhead press and side lateral raises to get the biceps and delts warmed up for the main event. Then I did a steady climb of 1 rep single arm, dumbbell clean to push press with a swinging changeover to change hands. Total body blaster FO SHOAH!! Remember to focus on total body, multi-joint, compound movements. So it might not be heavy for you, but I went from 60lbs to 65lbs, 70lbs and finished with 75lbs. And it was heavy for me. The Bowflex dumbbells seem way heavier than standard dumbbells.

So my lesson of the day is: I felt like I had 80lbs in me tonight. And I walked away from it. My shoulder is healing up and feeling really good after several months of annoying rotator cuff pain. I felt good and thought I could do more and usually I always go for it. The last rep is the the one that gets ya! I can do one more and BAAAM! Something rips off your body and you explode in a fireball of despair! So I set a limit, achieved my goal and walked away. I admit I want to run back in there and try 80lbs but I won't cause I like being pain free and want to stay that way for at least a week. Set an attainable yet challenging goal for yourself and don't try to out do it all at once. Attain, achieve and accomplish are the words to remember. Train hard and eat right. Check out the vids:

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