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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday's Workout - Core Killer Combo

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Well it was another gloomy, rainy day and I was working at home, not feeling overly energetic. I figured I needed to get some type of workout done seeing that my lazy ass trainer is of no use. So off I went to the dungeon. Using two donated items - the decline bench that I got at the dump and Carrie's donated 25lb dumbbell, I commenced to whoop my own ass with a vengeance. I did some shoulder and arm work on the tower 200 system as well. Quick and efficient - my butt was kicked. Check out the video:

Alternating 1 arm Dumbbell overhead press, tricep extension, pullover to situp, with russian twist.

Alternating 1 arm Dumbell overhead press to pullover to situp

Tower 200 Rear Delt flys and Face Pulls


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