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Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Survival Series Part 1: Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is a time of trick or treating, parties, sweets, candy and loads of sugar. With it brings massive calorie intake from carbs and massive increases to your belly, hips, butt and thighs. Plus a huge setback in your fitness and nutrition plan. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

With some self control and a few tweaks to the norm, you can enjoy the Halloween time without the damage to your hip bone area. Here are some simple tips to ward off blowing up like a balloon.

Manage your sugar and carb intake. Plan for some sweets.

Don’t drink your calories away with loads of carbs/sugar. Drink lots of water.

Keep your intake of protein high, fat intake medium and your carbs low when not exercising.

When you eat your carbs/sugar –keep it under control and make sure you eat protein and fat with it to lower the glycemic index of the carbs/sugar.

Try to exercise and at least walk a lot. Don’t be sedentary with lots of carb intake.

Moderation is the key – Give in to cravings only enough to make it go away unless you need to go cold turkey.

Try to have fun while maintaining control. Enjoy yourself without destroying your waistline.

Check out this article for some more tips.

Reminder that today is the last day for the 14 day Halloween Special Enrollment. Signup now!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cooking For The Whole Family

Many of the personal training and bootcamp ladies that I train, frequently ask me about what to do about cooking for the whole family.

When you start a new nutrition plan and your family isn't on that plan, there can be some ruffled feathers about what's going on at the dinner table. But it really doesn't have to be that way. Most of the time you can prepare meals that the whole family will like, without causing turmoil and wiping out your nutrition efforts.

When you prepare a good meal, the easy fix is for you to simply adjust the macronutrient ratio of your plate regardless of what other family members are doing. Of course you want to encourage your family to follow your lead but you have to deal with people on a case by case basis.

Normally the big issue is dealing with the starchy carbs like the mashed potatoes and gravy or the mac-n-cheese and cornbread type situations. The normal problem is that people eat a ton of mashed potatoes and gravy and a little meat and too few vegetables. You can fix your plate with a meal like this by simply having mostly meat and vegetables and going easy - (real easy) on the mashed potatoes.

Whether or not you can wean your family off the starches and put more veggies in there will be your challenge. But you do have control of your plate and fork. So eat more the the good stuff and less of the starchy stuff and that will be a big step forward in maintaining sanity at the dinner table. The rest of it will have to come with time and perseverance.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Special: 14 Day Fat Furnace Program

Halloween Special for New Clients and Old returning clients. 14 Day Fat Furnace Program. Enroll by Oct 31st. Special starts on Nov 1st. No buddy deals.

Targeted fat loss cardio program, nutrition handout & coaching, 14 days of meal plans, access to additional meal plans and recipes, all Included with program.

Hours are M-W-F 6am and noon and M-T-W-T 7PM-8PM, You get offered 10 workouts a week. -for two weeks. You can attend any or all of the workouts depending on your schedule.

Fat Furnace program is 100.00+ value and you get it for $49. Enroll now! Only accepting first 12 people.

Current clients: Get a friend to enroll in this program and you get 50% off your monthly rate per person. 2 people =free month.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sexy Slim Down Program Progress Report

Sexy Slim Down Program 1 week progress report

Amy lost 6.5% body fat, gained 2.5lbs of lean body mass and lost ½ in from her hips.

Lisa lost 8.4% body fat, lost 2.5lbs and lost an amazing 4in from her waist

Carole lost 2.1% body fat and 2lbs

Morgan lost an astonishing 11.9% body fat, gained 4.5lbs of lean body mass and
lost ¾ in  from her waist.

Kim R. lost 2.2% body fat and 1lb

Melissa lost 3.3% body fat, 1 ½ in from her waist and gained 1lb of lean body mass

Crystal lost 3.4% body fat and 1.5lbs

Diani lost 1.9% body fat

Heather lost 2.1% body fat, 1lb and 1 ¾ in from her waist

Nicole lost 4.6% body fat

Other client achievements:
Angie (personal training client) lost 6.4% body fat, gained 1lb of lean body mass and lost ¼ inch off of her waist in 1 week.

Tetriana (personal training client) was the third woman to receive the Iron Woman Award for joining the 3 women's strength clubs: 125lb bench press club, double 45lb kettlebell clean & squat to overhead press club and the 200lb barbell deadlift club.
Awesome Job Everyone! I'm proud of you all! Keep up the great work.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are Your Plastics Making You Fat?

In the quest to be healthy, you don't have to look far to be challenged. Your government and society has placed land mines in front of you to ensure that being healthy and fit is a continuous and deadly cat and mouse game where win or lose, you pay either way.

Freakin plastics are poisonous and everywhere you look, we use these poison carriers for damn near everything we do. Food and drinks especially - cool, they put the poison in the stuff you stick in your mouth. Even the plastic linings / lids on canned foods and drinks with metal, aluminum or glass containers - you are still hosed.

So bottom line, start cutting back / out number 3,6,7 plastics immediately. Second if you use that stuff keep it away from high heat ,including sunlight, that causes the quicker leeching of the poisons into the contents.

"There is clear, credible evidence in the growing number of scientific studies that link bisphenol A to the very health effects we see on the rise today," according to Christopher Gavigan, executive director of Healthy Child, Healthy World.

What do these plastic poisons do to you? The toxins including Bisphenol A are linked to man boobs, low sperm counts, obesity, estrogen related disorders and neural and behavioral problems in children to name a few.

Number 3 Plastics found in: Cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging may release toxic breakdown products (including pthalates) into food and drinks.

Number 6 plastics are your Styrofoam type products. Plates, cups, egg cartons, carry out trays etc.. and can release potentially toxic breakdown products (including styrene).

Number 7 Plastics Found in: Baby bottles, three- and five-gallon water bottles, certain food containers. The ones to worry about are the hard polycarbonate varieties, as found in various drinking containers (like Nalgene bottles - dammit I love those bottles) and rigid plastic baby bottles. Studies have shown polycarbonate can leach bisphenol A, a potential hormone disruptor, into liquids. No level of bisphenol A exposure is known to be truly safe, and in August a government panel expressed 'some concern' that the ingredient causes neural and behavioral problems in children.

Play it safe and swap out those hard plastic baby and water bottles for number 1, 5 or corn-based plastics, aluminum, or even shatter-resistant glass?

Read more:

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Chance For The 16 Day Sexy Slim Down Program

The 16 day sexy slim down program starts on Monday, 17 OCT 11 at my Columbus studio. You can attend the 6am, 12 noon or 7pm classes. Spots are filling fast. Only $67 or $33.50 if you bring a friend. You will have access to 24 workouts in 16 days and a targeted fat loss cardio program and nutrition program are included. You can expect up to a 3-5 % bodyfat loss and up to a couple pants sizes to go down if you follow the program. Call me at the the number listed above to enroll before Monday.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meal of the Week: Rocking the Crock Pot again!

Chicken breasts, broccoli, diced peppers, onions and tomatoes, covered in shredded cheese and olive oil. Man, it was good.

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Are You Eating Wood?

You know it never ceases to amaze me at what lengths the evil vermin of the earth will go to, in order to make money. So in addition to all of the genetically modified, artificial, unhealthy and downright poisonous stuff that people eat ,called processed foods, now they have added wood to the mix. Yes wood! It comes in different shapes and sizes and it's called many names but when you cut through the BS it is freakin wood! The cellulose used in many foods is processed powder or pulp from virgin wood.

Fortunately this wood that you are eating in damn near every processed food is not toxic( for a change ) so the one useless thing in your meal won't kill you. The big companies are saving over 30% by dumping sawdust in your chow ( not literally ). And it adds to the shelf life - ever put a pine board on the shelf and see how long it takes for it to go bad??

In some cases they have used the wood cellulose in place of the bleached white flour and trans fats for emulsifiers and it actually makes the food less toxic but still useless. So you either have poison or wood in your food .  How cool is that?? I recommend getting some fresh stuff that resembles organic real food and shy away from the cartons and packages of rat poison and sawdust.  Eat well!!

Learn more:

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