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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharon Receives The 4th Iron Woman Award

Sharon became the 4th woman to receive the Iron Woman Award today at the 9am Bootcamp class. She bench pressed 135lbs, barbell deadlifted 205lbs and did the clean to squat to overhead press with 45lb kettlebells in each hand. Awesome work! I'm proud of her!


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Learn To Run When A Dog Is Chasing You

So back in 1989, in Germany, My unit, 3rd Armored Division's Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD), was participating in Operation Long Strike '89. It was a U.S. long range reconnaissance patrol exercise that covered about 100km of terrain in roughly a weeks time, on foot, of course. Various missions had to be accomplished each day and long nightly movements were the norm. Well, about half way through the exercise, my 6 man LRS team, of which I was the Team Leader as a junior sergeant / E-5, was conducting surveillance on a major 4 way intersection of two large multi-lane roads. We were already smoked and this day, things got worse.

Using the standard soviet counter-recon doctrine of the time, our opposing forces, played by another LRSD unit, (nothing like having your own kind hunt you down), pulled up at our intersection or NAI (named area of interest), and began searching the area for recon troops. The weather was freezing ass cold, the ground was frozen and we were laying in a surface surveillance site, in the snow, bundled in gortex and poly pro. It sucked. We used ghillie suits, natural vegetation and terrain to conceal our position and we had great stand off distance from the intersection using bino's and spotter scopes to look at the target area. But of course, soviet counter-recon doctrine planned for all that.

They were on us. Closing in fast. Boom!, we detonate our simulated claymore mine, throw smoke grenades and start bounding back, firing and maneuvering in a two man team. Then, once we got out of small arms range, we took off in a dead sprint. Yes we were weighed down with a zillion pounds of gear and cold weather clothing. I thought my heart was going to explode and my lungs were covered in gasoline with some little prick keeping the torch lit on them. Talk about anaerobic, lactate threshold training. We couldn't stop running, we had to get big distance between us and the bad guys. Then I heard a terrifying noise. A noise that you never want to hear while your running away from a fight with a bad guy. .......A DOG RUNNING !

A huge German Shepard was on my ass about to rip me to shreds. Where THE HELL did he come from??? And his handler with a zillion other dudes with AK-47's was right behind him. WTF?? HOW DID THEY DO THAT? Really simple, actually, they had 4 groups at different distances walking a large perimeter around the intersection with freaking dogs.. The enemy soldiers were only wearing running shoes, fatigues and carrying AK's- nothing else, so they could run fast while we were weighed down. You were going to get caught. And I did!

So I stopped my sprint, dropped my rifle and raised my hands - I was captured. And the dog was called off before he ate me. Thank God it was only a training exercise and not the real thing. But then again that's what training is for, to experience and learn while making errors so you won't do it during the real thing. The penalty for getting caught was being driven 13 km in the opposite direction that you were heading to set you back and make it suck alot worse. Now we only had to walk across the whole map sheet that night- great!
But they did commend us on our reaction and battle drill for breaking contact and they said we had made it the farthest away from the contact site of all the captured teams to that point. We were running fast even loaded down. Adrenaline pumping, fight or flight reaction kicking, we were moving. And I briefly ran much faster when I heard that fucking dog behind me until I realized he would just eat me in the next 10 seconds.

We wouldn't have made it 10 feet if we had not been conditioned and trained. We did battle drills fully loaded at full speed - talk about cardio. We did casualty drills, moving with a wounded soldier while being chased and under fire from the bad guys at full speed. We ran with body armor on, all the time, up to half marathon distance - common long run was a 10 miler, every week. We swam every night. We went to the track and ran sprints. 100's, 220's, 440's and 880's until you were vaporized. We ran stairs and hills, We used versa climber machines, exercise bikes and treadmills. We did ruck marches and ruck runs with heavy loads going super fast. We rode mountain bikes daily. Then we did strength and conditioning and combatives every day. This was in addition to the other specialized training that we had to do like survival, evasion, resistance and escape(SERE), communications, first aid, marksmanship, small unit tactics, camouflage and concealment, booby traps and mines, demolitions, air assault, pathfinder, airborne, tracking/counter tracking, intelligence, order of battle and vehicle/weapons identification.

You have to train with a high level of intensity that stays outside of your comfort zone. I call this the red zone. This is hard to do as your brain is constantly telling you that you need to stop, slow down, rest or even quit. You will achieve new levels of performance, once you can manage your brain's warning system. Every additional stride, step or rep that you perform in the red zone is progress. Work to expand this endurance in the red zone and you will blow through physical / mental barriers that you didn't think possible.

Train hard, train realistically, train functionally and train constantly regardless of your field. To be good at what you do requires dedication, commitment, passion, discipline, courage and sacrifice. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it. Lift heavy, run fast and eat right and you will excel.

So whatever your career, sport, mission, job, or hobby is that you have to physically prepare for: You must be conditioned and physically and mentally prepared to go the distance. If you are an athlete, LEO, military or someone who likes hardcore training, then come check out my men's military strength and conditioning bootcamp on M-W-F at 1800-1900.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Presidents Day Special

Presidents Day Special: 14 day fat furnace program - 10 workouts per week, nutrition coaching and cardio program included. Offer valid this week only. Only $49. Message me if you want in!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss? WTF??

In case you haven't heard the latest buzz in the fitness world - Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a growing trend with some interesting studies behind it all. I first heard about it around 2006-2007 when Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat first came out. It sounded like madness, so I immediately dismissed it until now. When I recently saw that most of the fitness pro's that I follow / study were endorsing IF, it became a "things that make you go hmmm & say WTF moment".

So I got a copy of Eat Stop Eat and Fat Loss Forever and started reading as many different articles on the topic as I could find. The info was alarming and shocking but viable enough to cause me to ponder the effectiveness of it all. So I decided to give it a try because I believe everything has to be backed up with experience.

Ok so I followed the 16/8 IF concept for 12 days and I lost 5% body fat, 5.5lbs and 1 inch from my gut. Not super awesome numbers but better than most do in that short of time – the healthy way.
I felt leaner and tighter. I had really good energy levels for the 12 days, which was surprising because I figured my blood sugar levels would bottom out. I did drink a butt load of coffee though and not enough water.

I didn’t lose a bunch of lean body mass or muscle because I did eat the right amount of the right stuff at the right time – which is the true key, IMO, regardless of the protocol that you are following.
My workouts stayed the same. I didn’t time things right or crank it up, I just did the normal routine. That probably hampered my numbers from being bigger. I know I would have done better if I had cranked some metabolic conditioning drills and moved some big weight with some sprints. So I can see how the combo of doing high intensity training along with IF could cause some major progress fast.

Was I hungry? – hell yeah I was freakin starving at the beginning and then after a week I started to adjust and only got hungry at the time my fast ended each day. I didn't like being hungry at all.
Now I’m back to eating 5-6 times a day and I feel better. Being hungry is miserable. IF is not for me. Would I recommend IF to everyone = no. Do I think it works = yes I do. My numbers show that it works. I wasn’t even trying or doing it right and I still pulled off decent numbers. But I won't stop teaching my nutrition plan that is also proven to work. IF has given me an option to help clients who need a different approach.

I think it has a time and a place where it can be super effective. I believe there are very specific people who benefit from IF long term and short term. Example= many of the girls that I train are doing IF unintentionally, only eating once or twice a day with huge gaps of time in between meals and it doesn’t work because they don’t eat enough calories each day. They could flow into an IF program easily and make big things happen.
I'm not going to delve into the how's and why's of IF cause the authors of the books and articles explain it all very well. If you want to know the science and fact stuff then read the articles and books. There are studies backing up everything that is said and that is why I took notice.
So if you are interested in intermittent fasting and think it could fit into your lifestyle, then by all means give it a try. If you want another way to get lean, break plateaus or just try something new, check it out. 

(IF) Resources - If you really want to learn more about this read these articles.

Eat Stop Eat

Fat Loss Forever

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Friday, February 10, 2012

New Class starting - Mommy's Bootcamp Prenatal Group Exercise

New Bootcamp class for expecting Moms. Tue / Thu 6pm -7pm. Stay fit through all three trimesters with this one of a kind, fun, challenging, exciting, prenatal group exercise program that is always full of variety. Class is taught by an experienced Certified Personal Trainer who is certified and experienced in prenatal training for moms =ME. Message me if you are interested and if you know a mom looking for a program fill her in please. Cost $97 per month.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You One Of The 78% Who Fail With Their New Years Resolutions?

It's already way past the usual date for people who fail in their new years resolutions. Up to 78% of people fail in their new quests for change. And these people are usually chronic failures. Meaning every time they set a goal for themselves, they blow it. Even when following self help expert advise. Are you one of those people? I hope not. Change happens with the first step forward. Make a plan, stick to it, modify it as necessary but never quit. It has to be realistic and attainable.

Lifestyle changes don't happen overnight. It takes almost a month to make or break a habit. So tactical patience, a realistic timeline, a solid yet flexible plan and social support are some of the things that will get you to your goal. Milestones and achievement markers are another way to motivate yourself on your journey towards change in your life. Aother technique is to use the SMART acronym with your goals. SMART stands for “smart” – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible or timely.

Check this out from an online article:
Of the 78% who failed, many had focused on the downside of not achieving the goals; they had suppressed their cravings, fantasised about being successful, and adopted a role model or relied on willpower alone.

"Many of these ideas are frequently recommended by self-help experts but our results suggest that they simply don't work," Wiseman said. "If you are trying to lose weight, it's not enough to stick a picture of a model on your fridge or fantasise about being slimmer."

On the other hand, people who kept their resolutions tended to have broken their goal into smaller steps and rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these. They also told their friends about their goals, focused on the benefits of success and kept a diary of their progress.
These are some great tips! Read the whole article here:

So if you fell off the wagon, didn't start or just need to get off your butt and do it, I have another chance to make it right in the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle realm anyway.

Awesome Go Social Deal for those of you who missed the new year specials. 6 weeks of bootcamp for $100 ($299 value) only until Feb 6th.

Hang in there! You can do it. Come see me and lets get it started.
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