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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Workout of the Day: Blaze"

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Tonight, the house bootcamp girls (Jacquelyn and Brenda) did "WOD Blaze" consisting of the tire drag, wheel barrow sprint, battling ropes and the stone squat to overhead press. The 20/10 Tabata protocol was used for 4 rounds in 20 minutes. The girls did great. It doesn't look hard on the videos but let me tell you, it is a scorcher. Cardio and total body resistance training, together in a manner that causes the aerobic and anaerobic worlds to blend, in a lung and muscle burning fireball of despair. Here are the videos - I demo the workout and the girls put it into high gear, tabata style. There are those who will talk their smack, but everyone is welcome to come out and try it. You cannot duplicate the intensity of these workouts, unless your doing the same thing somewhere else. You have to experience it - it's like nothing you've done before. It will smoke all from beginner to advanced. Are you ready to give it a try?

WOD Blaze Demo

Warmup Jog

WOD Blaze

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