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Friday, November 13, 2009

November Bootcamp at Smith - Midway Results

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Bootcampers at Smith have been working hard and their bodies are reacting to the new stressors. Big change occurs in the beginning and it's the catalyst for change that opens the door for big progress. Look at these numbers.

Bodyfat loss results in two weeks:

Anne - maintained the same
Carrie - lost 6.1 % BF
Laura- lost 4.1 % BF
Jake - lost 3.5 % BF
Gen - lost 3.6 % BF
Megan - lost 6.5 % BF
Jerome - lost 6.3% BF
Shelly - lost 8% BF
Jessica - lost 7.9% BF
Dusty - lost 3.7% BF

Great work everyone. Keep at the nutrition plan and work hard.

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