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Saturday, August 27, 2011

FAT Makes you FAT -NOT A Scale number!

The weight loss war continues as the 33 billion dollar a year industry continues to brain wash you into buying the weight loss lie. But science and the human body remain unchanged. Body weight has never equalled body fat and never will. To get the excess storage and visceral fat from your body, you need to burn the fat and stop storage and production of new fat deposits. Dropping pounds on a scale has nothing to do with that. If the pounds are not coming from fat and you don't have a clue where it's coming from, you are doing little to help yourself. You just lose weight and become the new health hazard called "skinny fat". Skinny fat has a medical name - it's known as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the age induced loss of lean body mass and used to just be common in older people. But in today's brain washed and twisted world, sarcopenia is now open to the masses from young kids to older adults.

When you lose weight traditionally by reducing calorie intake and exercising more, your calorie expenditure exceeds your intake and thus you lose weight.  The problem is that without calculating the numbers and tracking the data, the weight loss comes primarily from lean body mass and not fat which causes a big issue. You get thinner from lean body mass loss and you think you are doing good but in actuality you are losing vital stuff that you need to keep and you are putting yourself at risk for a number of physical problems. But nobody wants to hear that.

To be healthy, you need to ensure that your weight loss is from fat and fat alone. And to burn just fat is difficult, which is why it's not popular, because everyone wants easy, quick and cheap. The reality is that you are either in a muscle building state (anabolic) or a muscle destroying state (catabolic). Traditional weight loss is almost completely catabolic. Not good for the health team.

I teach fat loss and muscle building. Toning muscle is a fake term that really means burning fat so you can see the muscle underneath - you don't actually do anything to the muscle to see it better other than build it. The fat has to come off to see it. Muscle is what actually burns fat as a fuel at mitochondria level, which is another reason weight loss is unhealthy. When you burn lean body mass to lose weight, you are destroying the actual furnace that burns fat and it's a self defeating cycle where you can never win.

Burn fat and build muscle so you can lose inches, sizes and unsightly fat while preserving and building muscle to give you the hard body that you want. But that is the hard way. It takes will power, discipline, motivation and just plain old hard work. The nutrition is the hardest and the exercise required is hard as well. A celery stick, energy drink, zumba dance, step class and a good yoga stretch won't cut it. They all avoid the hard part - high intensity. Strength training, metabolic conditioning, targeted fat loss cardio and nutrition are the optimal ingredients. - That's where I come in. That's what I do.

If you are tired of the diets, saggy skin, muffin top, lack of strength and energy and just being gross naked, then you need to see me. I can teach you how to adjust the not so good things to be good, sustain the good things you are doing and completely get rid of the bad stuff in a sensible way that works and is proven by real people just like you. If you want to learn more, let me know.

Train hard and eat your good food.
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Salt is good for you! What ??

Sea salt is found in the form of fine or coarse grain, and contains more than a 100 minerals in it. Sea salt and refined salt have the same nutritional value, but they differ in their taste and texture. Table salt is obtained from the rock salt that is mined from mineral deposits. Due to the variations in their refining processes, both salts differ in taste and texture. The end product after refining either of the salts is sodium chloride, which is necessary for the body to function properly. According to experts, recommended intake of sodium should be somewhere between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams per day, for healthy adults. Hence, some people prefer using sea salt in their food as it has a more subtle flavor.

Everyone has heard for ages that salt is bad and will kill you. I tell people all the time to watch your sodium intake. High blood pressure and water retention are two big items with my clients, that are of immediate concern, especially for those wanting to change their bodies. So if you eat too much salt bad stuff will happen - that part has not changed. The big misconception about salt is that all salt is bad and you should not eat salt. But once again as with most food stuff, it comes down to your choices. Processed regular table salt is the bad guy as are most other processed foods. That is the one that will make you bloat into an orange balloon and explode into a fireball of despair from hypertension. So I say, minimize your processed table salt intake and monitor your sodium levels in your food choices.

On the flip side, salt is important and necessary for health and wellness. But of course we are talking about natural, real sea salt.  Celtic sea salt is harvested off the coast of Brittany, France from sea waters of the Atlantic ocean. In traditional methods of harvesting the salt, only wooden rakes are used. The salt is allowed to dry in clay ponds and gathered, again using only wooden tools. This method is believed to preserve living enzymes in the salt. Celtic sea salt is awesome but any kind of organic raw sea salt is really good and should always be chosen over regular salt.

Health benefits of Sea salt:
it has numerous trace minerals and magnesium
balances electrolytes
is essential for the regulation of blood pressure
It acts as a strong natural antihistamine by keeping the body at the right pH. This helps by maintaining the body's acidic level and preventing different health problems and degenerative diseases.
helps a person get a deeper and longer sleep
avoids water retention in the body
helps dissolve kidney stones in the body
helps our body heal quickly 
helps in food absorption from the intestinal tract and maintains the level of sugar in the blood
and reduces your overall sodium intake.

So it does some pretty awesome stuff. Regular table salt -not so much. You get the idea-make the switch and be healthier starting now. Check your local health food stores and grocery stores for real celtic sea salt or regular sea salt and if you can't find it locally, it's available online.

Read more: Health Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt |

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Update - One Week Stats From The 6am Bootcamp

Hi Everyone,
I'm adding a 12pm-1pm bootcamp spot to M-W-F. It starts 15 August. Anyone enrolled in the 199 unlimited bootcamp program will now have 10 workout options a week to choose from. Anyone can enroll.

Here is a snap shot of results for 7 days with the 6am rapid fat loss bootcamp. Keeping in mind that standard accepted rates of weight and fat loss are 1-2lbs a week and 1% body fat a week.

Scott lost 2.5% body fat and 1.5lbs

Cara lost 4% body fat and 1.5lbs

Skylar lost an amazing 7.2% body fat, 3lbs and 1/2 in from her waist -awesome!

Kennis lost 4.9% body fat, 1.5lbs and 1/4 in from his waist

Jessica lost 2.5% body fat, 2lbs and 1/2 in from her waist

and honorable mention from Ciera (7pm bootcamp) - she lost 6.2% body fat- awesome!

So this shows that in as little as 7 days of working hard and eating good, you can change your body and your performance. To maintain a rate of progress that is remarkable, you must aggressively take action on your meal plan and fitness routine. ALWAYS step forward and take ground. Persistence, dedication, willpower, consistency and discipline separate those who make progress and those who don't. Of course, if your fitness training and nutrition plan suck, all of the above mentioned traits will only get you so far.

Great job everyone - keep at it!!

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Monday, August 8, 2011

Did the Chunky Monkey Bite That Ass?? Back to School Means Back To Bootcamp!

In the world of bootcamps or any group class, people come and go. For many different reasons, people stop training and try to fend for themselves. Many people do not realize the value of their trainer until they stop working out and try to do it on their own. I mean, who needs a trainer, when you can do a marathon, a triathlon, or P90X.

But there is one variable that is fairly constant amongst those who stop - the chunky monkey sneaks up on you and bites that ass! Then your ass gets all infected from chunky monkey venom and swells up to sizes that you hadn't seen anytime recently. And once again you are a fat ass. -except this time you get NO sympathy from me.

The smart ones know, that the anti-venom for a chunky monky bite, is to re-enroll in bootcamp or personal training immediately.  Now there are a few, who have managed to survive, but most suffer from the chunky monkey bite. If school was your excuse not to train, you just became one excuse short. Get that chunky monkey bite treated now at my exclusive emergency chunky monkey repair studio. You can pretend to do Insanity with Shaun T, but you need to be doing Tabata with Eric D.

Back to school special - kids are in school, you let yourself go, get your butt back in bootcamp.

No Sympathy! Don't let that bad monkey win!

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