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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Credit Card Survival Knife Review

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Group Class Special

12 days of Christmas special - 6 weeks of group class for only $120. $60 savings. Start the new year off right with unlimited group classes and a free nutrition consult.
Message me to enroll.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Quick Meal Planning

Meal planning does not have to be difficult or time consuming. In this video, I show you a quick technique to come up with 5-10 meals in a very short amount of time.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Group Class Special

Now is the time to get fit and stay fit over the holidays. Start the new year off right with this great special.
Unlimited group classes for the next 6 weeks. First workout is a free trial.

Group Class schedule

Mon-Sat at 12-1pm

Mon-Thu at 7-8pm

Fridays at 5-6pm

Nutrition program and targeted fat loss cardio program included as well as numerous free meal plans and

Call, text or email to enroll now.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Simple Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving Without Getting Fat

Well Thanksgiving week is here and many people have given in to the fact, that getting fat and gaining weight are inevitable. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

Here are some simple steps to survive Thanksgiving without getting fat and packing on the pounds.

Have a strategy - Using this simple plan of attack, you can eat and enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving. 
You know the actual big meal that you have planned with your family is where you will consume the most calories out of the day. So make it ok.

Turn the big Thanksgiving meal into an epic carb refeed / cheat meal that actually puts you into an anabolic, muscle building, fat burning state.

When you sit down for the big meal, you want to be in a carb and calorie deficit. 

The day before Thanksgiving:

Keep the calories and carbs low all day. 

Do a high intensity workout and after you eat your post workout meal, keep the carbs low.

Thanksgiving day:

Don't eat a lot before the big meal. Save yourself for the big meal.

Keep the carbs and fats super low and the protein high with anything you eat before the big meal.

Avoid processed foods and junk food / sugary snacks before the big meal.

Drink lots of water.

Try to do a quick workout / take a walk before the big meal.

Avoid snacking - wait for it!

Big meal time:

Hit the lean protein and veggies first - make this the biggest part of the meal

Keep the fat low - high carbs means low fat - never eat big fats and big carbs together - so easy on the fats so you can enjoy your carbs. 

Hit the starchy carbs next

Finish with the good stuff - desserts and everything else. 

Have a great time and enjoy yourself!

Day after Thanksgiving:

High protein / medium fats / low carb- all day

Try to get a workout or a walk in.


If you can follow this simple plan, you will minimize the damage and stay in a fat burning, muscle building state.

Be thankful and have a great week.

If you want to see a more detailed version of this plan, check out Feast Your Fat Away


Friday, November 22, 2013

How to eat cookies and bread while losing 5-17 pounds

What if you could eat bread every day, yet still manage to
lose belly fat every week?

There's a couple in South Carolina who actually unlocked the
key to eating bread (even cookies) every day, yet they lost
22 pounds combined.

almond banana strawberry almond milk

How to eat cookies and bread while losing 5-17 pounds <= So Simple
Home Cooking For Fat Loss

They'll show you how to use simple ingredients to create
delicious gourmet meals that take less than 20 minutes...

... but they are not your ordinary recipes.

In fact, these recipes are absolutely delicious, healthy,
and will help you lose fat - all at the same time.

At the link below, you'll see a couple of recipes and
understand what I mean...

120 gourmet meals (perfect if you hate cooking) <= using "one trick"
Home Cooking For Fat Loss



Thursday, November 21, 2013

JP joins the men's kettlebell club!

JP (16yr old football player), joins the men's kettlebell club with a clean to squat to overhead press with 79lb kettlebells. Great job JP!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tips for exercising in cold weather

Now that the first below 30 degree weather has arrived for however briefly, there are some things to remember about working out in the cold.

1. Dress in layers. Easier to take stuff off when you warm up rather than wishing you had more to put on. Plus sweat makes your clothes wet and after you cool down you can get really cold fast. Better to be able to put something warm and dry back on when you are finished cooling down.

2. Keep your head, ears and hands covered. These areas are quick to get cold and not good to be exposed to cold for too long. You can take a hat and gloves off when you need to.

3. Wear appropriate footwear for the training you are doing and the environment. Don't slip and slide into an injury with the wrong shoes on.

4. Cover your face if the air is really cold. Breathing cold air while out of breath from sprints, running or other exercise can make life really suck.

5. Stay hydrated and eat your planned meals. Skipping water and food when its cold out will hamper your progress and possibly lead to health issues.

6. Check the forcast, plan appropriately for clothing and travel and use common sense.

7. Warm up and cool down sufficiently and spend a little extra time stretching as cold muscles require a little more prep for vigorous training.

Don't let weather slow your progress towards your goals. Plan, prepare and continue to train hard and smart.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Did you eat the left over Halloween Candy? I sure did!

For Halloween this year, I bought a bunch of candy to hand out to the kids trick or treating and I handed out most of it but I had a bag left over. I said I will just give it to my kids as a treat for eating a super healthy meal. 

But then I failed myself in a moment of weakness and chowed it down. I did manage to save a handful for my daughter but it was bad.

I blame it on the seasonal changes and a drop in my serotonin levels -or more accurately, that it was just damn good. I broke my own rule and I bought candy that I like - big mistake, never do that.

So I've been doing my "walk your way to abs" program every morning after the 6 am class and eating good but my carbs have been higher, especially with the candy. And that means insulin levels have been higher as well.

That explains why even though I added a new cardio/abs workout to my routine, my progress has been stalled because of the carb/sugar/insulin spike. Combine that with some cold weather, which makes me want to avoid drinking my gallon of water and boom -you have the recipe for a muffin top. AKA Fat Ass.

So if you have done anything similar to what I have done, do not despair, because you can fix it just as quick.

Never believe that old hype about "it takes time to lose weight and get back in shape" - that's a cop out to make you feel better about yourself when you have been half steppin.

So to make the world all better, follow these steps with me to get back on track to the road to being lean.

1. No more candy - boom cold turkey -throw it out or give it away.

2. Increase your water intake up to around a gallon a day gradually.

3. Cycle your carbs based upon your activity level. High carbs pre & post workout, Low carbs the rest of the day. When carbs are high, protein is medium and fat is low and in reverse, when carbs are low, fat is medium and protein in high.

4. Hit your workouts hard and eat clean with low sodium, lean proteins, good fats and fibrous carbs. Remember the example meal of chicken breast, almonds and broccoli.

5. Prep your meals before hand and have them ready.

If you follow those steps as I am going to, starting now, you will notice a rapid reduction/tightening of the belly area.

These steps are all things that you should be doing everyday, anyway. You can undue the Halloween candy damage in as little as 3-5 days. I'm getting back on track now and I encourage you to do the same.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

21 Days For Only $21: Holiday Survival Series Halloween Group Class Special

Enroll by Nov 1st to get in on this great deal. Taking the first 5 motivated people only. 

The Holiday season has arrived with Halloween this week. 

Don't head into the holidays without a fitness and nutrition plan. 

Avoid the holiday weight gain with the holiday survival series Halloween special.  

Classes run 
Mon-Fri 6-7am, 
Mon-Fri 12-1pm, 
Mon-Thu 7-8pm, 
Friday at 5-6pm 
Saturday at 12-1pm.

Call or Text 706-573-4236 or email to enroll now!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spot Reduction: Myth or Reality?

You have more than likely heard of the old classic Spot Reduction right? Say I want my love handles to slim down, so I do 5000 reps of side bends or I want a flat stomach so I do 5000 crunches a day and of course you can't get slim and toned without 8 hours of cardio a day - sounds legit?

The reality of it is kinda weird. The book answer is that spot reduction doesn't work because your body burns fat across it's entire spectrum overall, not in one spot.

While that is true, I have seen many strange cases over the years where people have made it happen. 
There are a few reasons as to why it can actually work. Your body is like a segmented or compartmentalized machine. 

Normally, your body operates in the whole body spectrum. But when you work harder in specific spots, more blood circulation, heat and sweat are released from that area, than in other parts of your body. And as you develop the specific area's muscles, more work and energy are expended in that specific location. 

Your body is still operating in the whole body spectrum but a little more action is going on in those specific areas. So that area by default gets a little more attention. 

Then you have things called andrenoreceptors. These receptors either help or hinder fat loss. It's very complicated science type stuff so we will skip the details. You can google it, if you want the exciting details. But the important thing to know is that different parts of your body have more of one type of receptors than others. There is a bunch of related bio-chemical actions and physiological stuff going on in conjunction with these receptors but we will keep it super simple.

The type of receptor and the amount of localized work done on a particular body part can cause things to respond faster or slower. Every person and body type is a little different. So what works for one person may not work for another. 

If you have the right type of receptor at your trouble spot, you may have an even better chance of making a big change there. Of course, the opposite is true as well. If you have the receptor that is resistant to fat loss at your trouble spot, your chances of pulling off the fabled "spot reduction" are very slim.

And then there is blood flow (circulation) and it's impact on fat loss. The areas where you store most of your excess storage fat (belly, hips, thighs, butt etc..) have a poor blood circulation ratio when compared to leaner parts of your body. The less circulation means that fatty acids from the fat cells can't get into the blood stream and make it to the muscles where it is oxidized or burned off as fuel. So the areas with poorer circulation retain more fat.

These areas usually tie in with the type of receptors you have there. See there are numerous factors that contribute to all of this. Much more than I can write about, as it goes on and on like hormonal impact and such. 

If the stars line up physiologically, a person who does 10 billions reps of ab work and hours of cardio while wearing a belly wrap may actually be able to accomplish some ridiculous stuff. 

I saw a girl one time, who had killer abs, 6 pack and all, while the rest of her body looked much less fit and lean. She was an example of this weird combination of variables which allowed it to work. She was always doing ab/core stuff and doing cardio. I mean a lot, every day. The rest of her body didn't look that great.

She worked one area more than the rest dramatically so that body area burned more calories, produced more heat and sweat and the muscles contracted more. There was much more concentrated blood flow to the over worked area so the fat mobilization increased dramatically.

It has been proven that subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin, on top of the muscle) gets more of a fat burning result because of the muscle working so much. Kinda like if I did arm curls all day, everyday, I wouldn't have too much fat on my arms.

The bottom line is heat, blood flow and work in the area of concern is critical if you want to even have a chance at spot reduction. So there actually is an amount of truth to the "1000 crunches a day for 6 pack abs" concept. 

So can it happen -yes, spot reduction can happen. Is it the norm for everyone? -NO. Most people can't pull it off.

If you want to experiment with the concept of spot reduction, here is a test technique for the belly that I recently read about and may try soon. 1. Do about an hour of fasted cardio, 2. warmup with a belly wrap or something around your belly to make it really warm. 3. about half way through the cardio session, stop and do a couple sets of AB and core exercises with high reps. 4. finish the cardio session and then do more AB/Core work like before. Say two exercises of 30-50 reps each.

Try it for a couple weeks and see what happens. Track how clothes fit, numbers and measurements, take pics etc.. It might work, it might not. But if nothing else, it's still good training and something good will happen if you are eating right. 

If it doesn't magically spot reduce your belly, then I wouldn't recommend continuing to try to figure out if you are one of the few, with a weird physiological ability to make it happen. Your time would be better spent doing it the smart, healthy way. Total body training and good nutrition. Stick to big multi-joint compound movements - preferably with weights, high intensity interval training & metabolic conditioning and a killer, dialed in nutrition program to turn your whole body into a lean sculpted work of art instead of just your love handles. 

If you have questions about how to do this effectively, contact me and I can help you get there.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Time For The 3rd Annual Sexy Slim Down Program

The 16 day sexy slim down program starts on Monday, 14 OCT 13 and runs until 31 OCT 13 at my Garage Gym in Salem. Centrally located between Auburn and Columbus. Private, focused, detailed instruction that is challenging, fun and full of variety. A proven, unique program that gets real results fast.

You can attend the 12 noon Monday-Saturday or 7pm Monday-Thursday and 5pm Friday classes. Only $67 or $33.50 if you bring a friend. You will have access to 30 workouts in 16 days and a targeted fat loss cardio program and nutrition program are included.

You can expect to lose up to 10lbs or more and  up to a 3-5 % bodyfat loss and up to a couple pants sizes to go down if you follow the program.

Some previous examples of results in the first 10 days of the program:

George lost 9lbs in ten days
Carla lost 5.5 inches in ten days
Erica lost 5.5 inches in ten days
Lisa lost 5 inches in ten days

How much will you lose??

Call /text me at the the number listed above or email me to enroll before Monday.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Firm, Tone, Sculpt And Tighten? Legit Or BS

Firm, Tone, Sculpt And Tighten? Legit Or BS

These words have been used to market exercise and weight loss programs and products for well over twenty years.

Most people are very familiar with these terms. But are they legit. Unfortunately, No! They are bogus terms that have no scientific foundation. Lets look at these terms.

After you lost your weight, you have all of this loose skin and a jello soft body. So it's time to firm it up right? What it actually means is that most of what you lost in weight came from lean body mass. This usually occurs more when the weight loss is significant and rapid. 

So you have to tighten up the loose skin and firm up the jello texture of your body. The goal being to be toned or sculpted right? 

What it all really means is that you threw lean body mass out the window and now you need to go get it back.

These terms really mean burn fat and build muscle plain and simple. But burn fat and build muscle aren't popular terms. But that's exactly what you are doing in order to firm, tone and sculpt. 

It's an insane circle of despair that is unhealthy and unnecessary. The real terms you need to know are much more simple - Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

This can be done simultaneously if you know what you are doing. But the average person doesn't know because the industry wants you to stay in the "lose the weight and then tone, firm and sculpt your body" mode. That's how the weight loss industry makes over 33 billion a year.

So the only scientific parts of this come down to being anabolic (muscle building) or catabolic (muscle wasting). Stop burning lean body mass and storing fat which causes the sagging skin and jello soft texture of your post weight loss body. 

Burn fat and build muscle simultaneously and transform your body in a healthy and constructive way. This avoids the sagging skin and jello body by getting the fat off while building your lean body mass aka sculpting, firming and toning.

When you lose weight - you want the weight to come from fat. It's not automatic and those terms are not synonymous. You can and usually do lose weight without losing much fat. It's mostly lean body mass which is everything other than fat in your body. 

The old way will work but like I said, it's unhealthy, time consuming and inefficient.   And you can't tone a muscle - it's not a real thing in anyway. There is no such thing as muscle toning. You either build muscle or lose muscle. 

These are just fancy, sound good terms used in sales - not science. Understand the difference. Be healthy. 

If you want to learn how to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously without the sagging skin and jello body and do it in less time with more retainable, healthy results, then try one of my programs. Learn how to do it right.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

George G. Passes the FitRanX Level 1 Test

Photo: George G. earns his gray band

Photo: George G. passed the FitRanX level 1 test tonight. Great job!

Last night George G. passed his FitRanX Level 1 test on his second try. He worked hard and was very proud of his achievement.

He has been training hard and eating good for the last 2 months and his progress is outlined by this milestone.

For his achievement, George is awarded the gray FitRanX wrist band, his certificate of achievement and will have his name added to the international rank roster.


If you think you are up to the challenge, contact me for testing info. You can train for the test or simply come in and test out. Are you ready to level up?


Thursday, September 26, 2013

The 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge: If You Lose 20lbs, Then It's Free

Get ready for the holidays with the 6 week body transformation challenge!

Transformation Challenge dates are Oct 1st to Nov 9th

Your new body is 40 days away!

Only taking the first 10 people. So if you want to change your life and your body and you are determined and committed to succeed then contact me ASAP to register.

The challenge is simple: Lose 20lbs in 6 weeks. If you meet or exceed the 20lbs in 6 weeks, your transformation challenge is FREE.

Why free? Because I want you to be my next before/after picture on the wall.

If you lose less than the 20lbs, you pay the discounted rate of only $120. (normal 6 week price is $180) so either way you get in great shape either with an $60 discount or Free.

This is how it works: You enroll by paying the $120 up front either with cash or card. At the end of the 6 weeks, if you meet or exceed the 20lb challenge, you get your cash back if you paid with cash, or if you pay with your card, I simply don't charge you.

If you lose less than 20lbs, you either already paid with cash or your card gets charged the $120 at the end of the 6 weeks.

This is a commitment to yourself. So there is no backing out. Don't enroll unless you are determined to change your body and your lifestyle to be fit and healthy.

You can't lose with this deal. If you follow the proven program and work hard, you will get results.

Class times are Mon-Fri at 12-1pm, Mon-Thu at 7-8pm, Fridays at 5-6pm and Saturdays at 10-11am.

You can attend any or all of the class times. Goal is to at least get 3 or more classes in a week and to do the targeted fat loss cardio program provided at home on the days you don't attend class.

Training is total body, with a combination of bodyweight exercises, free weights (barbell/dumbbell), kettlebells, odd object lifting, tires, sleds, sledgehammers, ropes, sandbags, plyo jumps and sprints.

Workouts are challenging, fun and full of variety. You will be training alongside people with the same goals in a fun, stress free environment.

It is for all fitness levels provided that you cleared for exercise by your Doctor.

Always check with your doctor before starting any fitness/nutrition program.

But you have to do the work in class and at home in the kitchen. If you want it bad enough, you can do it.

Nutrition program and coaching provided.

Weekly measurements, bodyfat percentage checks, weigh ins and before / after pics are mandatory.

Only taking the first 10 people. So if you want to change your life and your body and you are determined and committed to succeed then contact me ASAP to register.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

28 Days Of Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

Photo: My personal trainer food order arrived today. This was my first meal of the day out of the box. Took 5 minutes to prep. It was good! Now I don't have to run to Kroger for awhile which is cool. If you want to try a sample , let me know and I will get you a bite. Check out the menu.

My personal trainer food order arrived today. This was my first meal of the day out of the box. Took 5 minutes to prep. It was good! Now I don't have to run to Kroger for awhile which is cool. If you want to try a sample , let me know and I will get you a bite. Check out the menu.

Photo: I'm digging this quick meal stuff. 2nd Personal Trainer Food meal today. Mesquite chicken breast, pistachios and veggies. 5 min prep. Very tasty.

I'm digging this quick meal stuff. 2nd Personal Trainer Food meal today. Mesquite chicken breast, pistachios and veggies. 5 min prep. Very tasty.

If you are pressed for time and you don't have a chance to get fresh groceries and cook healthy meals, this is a good choice to avoid skipping meals and making unhealthy choices. Your fitness success depends on your nutrition.

It's quick, convenient and full of variety. Check out the menu at Personal Trainer Food

Women's Beginner Semi-Private Personal Training Class Now Available!

Women's Beginner Semi-Private Personal Training Class Now Available!

Register For Your Free Trial Session Now!

Bring a friend and split the cost for your first month.

For women new to fitness or starting over who need a low impact start up.

Non-intimidating, encouraging, positive, low stress environment full of fun, variety, structure and accountability.

Learn proper form and technique for exercise, breathing, flexibility, posture and movement.

Nutrition coaching and program included.

Cardio program for off days included.

2 class times opening.
3 (30min) sessions per week
8:00-8:30am or 10:00-10:30 am

Class size limited to 4 women max per time spot.
Enrollment is open now until the 4 person limit is reached.

If interested, private message me to schedule your free trial.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Are you maximizing your workout time or wasting it?

You see people in the gym, doing cardio, for hours on end. They attend an hour of step class, then they get on the treadmill and then on to the elliptical machine and then on to the stairmaster. And they never seem to look any different. I have witnessed people doing this for years. It is insane!

Disclaimer: If you enjoy spending hours working out, have hours to spend everyday and are happy with your progress and results - then by all means continue doing what you are doing. But if you are tired of spending hours in the gym, don't have hours to spend working out, want more results, faster, then this pertains to you.

Let's talk about using your workout time wisely. First, some historical info from my personal experiences.

For the past three decades, I have spent many of those years working out one to four times a day. Usually, two to three times a day at least.

During my martial art days, I would run (30 min), lift weights (1 hour), meditate (45 min), stretch (45 min) and then attend martial art training (2 hours). So roughly 4 hours a day.

And then during my 20 years in the Army, I would do PT (cardio: run, ruck march, bike, swim) in the morning (1 hour), then do strength & conditioning training in the afternoon (1 hour) on average. There were many times when we would also do hand to hand combat (1 hour) and swim or bike for an additional hour. So 2-4 hours a day on average.

So in order to survive each day, I had to fuel the machine with high carbs constantly. And during the last 30 years, I experimented with every major type of diet (high carb, high protein, ketogenic, carb cycling, raw, paleo, on and on)  to see what would work best with the workload I endured every day.

The only thing that got me through each day was an extreme amount of carbs. Of course, this kept me flabby. I was thinner but I could never get cut or ripped and my strength always suffered.

It was about performance, not my physique. As long as I performed at optimal levels in cardio, that was all that mattered to the world. I was never happy with my physique and I figured with all the insane amounts of cardio that I did every day, I should be ripped. But I wasn't ever.

Then I got hurt and my world changed. I hurt my knee on a parachute jump. I strained my MCL and then developed problems in my other knee from overcompensating so much. Of course, they continued to make me run and jump out of planes, which killed any chance of healing and rehab.

So my knees got worse. I had to stop running and jumping out of planes. Then I was considered unworthy and substandard by the jumping runners committee. But then I began to heal up. And my training and nutrition changed.

Afghanistan and Iraq got in the way. My knees were pretty banged up by the end of Iraq. But still I minimized my running to focus on strength and conditioning. By the time I was finishing my last tour of duty at Fort Benning, I was a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutritionist. I decided to help people get healthy and fit as my post Army career. In 2006, I started my own fitness business.

I studied and took many courses. I realized the error of my ways for so many years. More is not always better. Quality vs quantity started to make sense. My training became much smarter and my nutrition got way better. I started healing and getting stronger. The fat was melting away and the muscle was building. I learned how to train around injuries. My knees were healing. By the time I retired in 2007, my knees were healed up and I was starting to move some heavy weight.

My workouts became short bouts of heavy weightlifting and fast body weight training, with lots of intensity and variety. In and out, total body workout in less than 45 mins a day.

Science has proven that short, high intensity workouts are superior to long, slow steady state endurance training for physique training. The days of hours spent in the gym are dead for the informed people.
The old ways work if you eat right. Most people do not. But it is still inefficient when you are busy and pressed for time.

This is me with no cardio at all- present day. I am healthier, stronger and have a much leaner physique at 45 yrs old by training no more than 45 min a day than when I was at 25 yrs old training 4 hours a day.

High intensity interval training, Tabata training and similar metabolic conditioning methods are vastly superior in regards to time spent vs results. Of course, runners and cardio queens will argue that point to death.

Studies have shown that exercising for more than 45-60 minutes dramatically cuts into any gains or progress that you could make. There are several reasons for this. Hormonal and metabolic effects of blood sugar levels, cortisol and other hormone fluctuations can bring your progress to a screeching halt. You flux back and forth between anabolic (muscle building) and catabolic (muscle breakdown) zones throughout each day. You are usually in a catabolic state during a hard workout. After about 20-30 minutes, your blood sugar levels are dropping and your body starts using other stuff to fuel the machine - protein and fat breakdown and conversion to sugar (I'm leaving out big fancy words on purpose like gluconeogenesis). Once these things start happening, you aren't really heading into a place where results are found.

Shorter, high intensity workouts using total body, multi- joint, compound movements hit all the major muscle groups and using interval protocols, your cardio output can be very high. You burn calories for extended periods of time through big words like EPOC. To get results from these shorter workouts, the intensity has to be very high. It would be hard to last an hour training at this level of intensity.

Everyone involved in serious body transformation training follows these modern science based methods. Stop the old ways of long pointless workouts with hours wasted trying to burn 800 calories in an hour, when you could be burning calories for up to 36 hours, from one 20 minute workout - if you do the work. Your body will thank you in the long run.

If you want to learn how you can burn up to 10% body fat in 4 weeks and lose up to 5 inches in as little as 10 days, message me.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness