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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Your Mindset: Victim or Winner?

Do you say I'll never be able to or I can't do that? Do you focus on how the man is keeping you down and how you'll never be able to get ahead so you might as well just accept mediocrity? Do you accept low standards and failure in your life? Do you listen when people tell you that you can't or you won't? If you do these type of things and think this way then you fall into the category of: VICTIM. And that my friend, is not cool. 2nd place is the first loser.

Do yo find yourself hanging around with people who have drama filled lives, can't seem to accomplish anything other than day to day survival and generally can't take a step forward. People who talk alot but in the end don't accomplish jack. If you hang out with losers, you become a loser.

Or do you have clearly defined goals and objectives, a strong drive to excel, the want to constantly do better and achieve more. Do you refuse to accept less than optimal standards and strive to operate in the band of excellence. If you do these things then you have a winner's mentality and your odds of success are much higher than the loser victims.

Oh does talk like that upset you? Which category did you fall in? Hmmm... That's what I thought.

So you must accept responsibility for just about everything and stop blaming the man for keeping you down. The more that you convince yourself that you have control over something, the more likely that you will be able to positively affect a variable. You must have the winner's mindset. Do not allow yourself to be the victim. Be in control. Take charge of your own destiny. Don't say I can't or I won't. Think you can and you will! Be the winner!

Apply these winner mindset concepts to your health and fitness plan today and ultimately apply them to your life as a whole. You will be the winner. Only winners are allowed in the tribe. Find the blue flower and take it to the top of the mountain. There you will find the path towards the truth. Be the winner! Be the Lion! Join the winning team.

Begin the Journey!

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