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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farmer's Walks - Why We Do Them

Alot of people ask why do farmer's walks - what do they do? What good are they?

Many will argue that other than being a strongman competition event, the farmer's walk serves no real purpose.

I strongly disagree. I think the farmer's walk is a valuable exercise that works many different areas. Obvious benefits include wrist / forearm / grip strength, core strength & stabilization, back strength and shoulder/leg strength.

The total body conditioning is complemented by mental conditioning. Picking up and carrying heavy objects for distance is mentally challenging to say the least. Your brain screams at you to give up. The longer that you can endure under this duress, you become conditioned mentally and physically.

In addition to the mental and physical conditioning and the strengthening of the different body parts, there is a functional aspect to farmer's walks.

Everyday, in some form or fashion, most people execute the farmer's walk in their daily life activities.

Carrying groceries, babies, luggage, equipment, furniture and water are just some examples of how the farmer's walk is part of many people's daily lives. Think about what you do everyday that uses the farmer's walk technique.

There are also countless military applications for the Farmer's walk such as moving casualties and equipment.

This is why I use the farmer's walk and all types of carries -many overhead variants as well. It's a great tool. It works and it gets the job done quick.

Your exercise selection has to have criteria and the more areas it covers the better. Doing more with less by using a few power packed exercises is far better in my opinion than doing 50 exercises to accomplish the same goal.

Time and efficiency are the two big criteria that I use to select my exercise choices.

So think about that when planning a workout and include the farmer's walk in there so you can speed on your way to becoming functionally fit.

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