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Monday, May 31, 2010

You Don't Need a TRX - Field Expedient Suspension Training

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This weekend, I went out in the woods with just a rope to see what kind of field expedient training I could pull off. I found a small patch of pines that had some suitable branches to use the rope on and I tried different suspension training exercises. It worked great and was a smoker. I'm always looking for alternative ways to do things and this definately fit the bill. You don't need a 150 dollar TRX system when you have a rope. Granted the rope is painful and not so pretty but if it's hard work your looking for, the rope works in a pinch. I also played with some fallen trees just to see what I could do. Using the field expedient techniques provides you with the capability to train anywhere at any time. It further reduces any valid excuse for not working out. So when your out and about and need to figure out how to workout, look at what is around you and use your imagination. Like Bruce Lee's philosophy-have no limitation as your only limitation and you can always get the job done. Here are some clips from the woodland adventure.

Chest Press

Inverted Row

Knee Tucks with Pushup

Log Press and Throw

Log Raise and Push


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