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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Military Fitness Testing Comes Full Circle

The Army and Marine Corps have been toying with new fitness programs for years. It has been known for decades that the old (WWII) fitness training and testing was far superior to the stuff they have been doing from the post-Vietnam Era to now.

Leave it to the Marines to create a new combat fitness test before the Army. The New Marine Combat Fitness Test is a relevant fitness assessment that tests all around fitness from a battlefield functional perspective.

The Marine combat fitness test consists of three events: an 880 yard run, ammo can lifts, and manuever under fire:

880 Yard Run. Marines will run for 880 yards while wearing boots and camouflage uniform (pants and t-shirt).

Ammo Can Lifts. Marines will lift a 30 pound ammo can from the ground, over their heads as many times as they can in two minutes.

Manuever Under Fire. Marines must move through a 300 yard course, and perform designated tasks, in the time limit authorized. The tasks include:

  • Moving in a quick scurry for 10 yards, then a high craw for another 15 yards.
  • Drag a casualty for 10 yards, while zigzagging through several cones. Then lift the casualty and carry him/her at a run for 65 yards.
  • Carry two 30-pound ammo cans for 75 yards, while zigzagging through a series of cones.
  • Toss a dummy grenade 22 1/2 yards and land it in a marked target circle.
  • Perform three push-ups, pick up the two 30-pound cans and sprint to the finish line.
So we have 30lb ammo cans, sprints & body weight exercises. This is a fairly new program.

Now let's look at the Army 1946 APFT (Army physical fitness test):

TEST BATTERY. Two batteries of test events which adequately meet the criteria in paragraph II are listed below. The first battery is recommended when the test can be administered on a dry, level field which is of sufficient size to conduct the 300-yard run. The second battery, which is used when testing cannot be done outdoors, is identical with the first except for the last event and its alternate which are indicated below as 5A and 5A(1). (See par. V.)
1. Pullups 1. Pullups
2. Squat Jumps 2. Squat Jumps
3. Pushups 3. Pushups
4. Situps 4. Situps
5. 300-yard Run 5A. Indoor Shuttle Run
5A(1). 60-Second Squat Thrusts

This 1946 program is far more effective than the current "old APFT". With both the Army & USMC programs, you can see similarities to stuff that I have clients do.

The Army Physical Fitness School is developing a new PT manual and a new fitness program that will be much more battle focused and long overdue.

Key points are that the military forces are returning to old school training that was proven ages ago and has been in use by civilian strength & conditioning programs to this day. The type of training that I do is very similar and follows many of the same principles.

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