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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Metabolism And The Angry German Boar Hog

So my FB buddy Dan, reminded me of angry German boar hogs for which I have a story for you.

No Sh@#, there I was. Southern Germany -1989, in 3rd Armored Division's Long Range Surveillance Detachment. My LRS Team was on a training exercise, where we were hiding in a thicket, preparing to move to an objective where the simulated enemy forces were massing armored vehicles. One of the team members (a scout observer) wasn't very hungry, so he didn't eat much food for the first several days.

He had a bunch of chow in his rucksack- much more than everyone else had because he wasn't eating. Later on, in the middle of the night, I was pulling security while everyone got some rest. As I scanned around the area with my night vision goggles, I heard a rumbling in the bushes and some disturbing thuds on the ground. It sounded like a large dinosaur was approaching, crunching branches and making awful grunting noises. It alarmed me to the point where I woke everyone up and told them of what I heard.

We all laid motionless, listening and observing as this large creature approached our position. I saw a large, dark figure emerge through the brush. It had 4 legs and looked like the silhouette of a buffalo or bison. I pointed the creature out to my team mates who gasped in horror as this beast closed in on us. As the beast got closer, my team leader said "screw this" and told us to evacuate the area. We grabbed our packs and moved out with a purpose. As the scout observer went to grab his rucksack, the beast lunged at him. He screamed and ran like a scalded dog. The beast attacked his rucksack with a vengeance as we ran away like scared bitches.

I stopped behind a tree, a safe distance away and looked back through my night vision goggles. The creature was destroying the rucksack that contained the large quantity of food. The beast tore the rucksack apart and ate all of the food. Trash was everywhere as well as the strewn contents of the rucksack. We slowly creeped back towards the rucksack and creature in an attempt to salvage the rucksack. Upon closer observation of the beast, it turned out to be a giant Angry German Boar Hog. We watched as the grunting boar hog finished his feast and then stuffed, moved on.

After the Angry German Boar Hog was a safe distance away, we returned to the scene of the carnage to inspect the area. The scout observer's rucksack was completely torn apart and his stuff was everywhere. All of his rations were torn open and eated. We picked up the trash and the rest of his stuff and cross loaded it as we couldn't leave anything behind. The mission was completed successfully and we didn't encounter any further run in's with the Angry German Boar Hog.

The team leader later scolded the scout observer for not eating his food. The scent of the extra food attracted the boar hog causing this animal drama. The scout observer said that he wasn't hungry and couldn't eat.

The scout observer's metabolism was slowed down from not eating. He wasn't hungry and felt that he couldn't force himself to eat. This is the same type of issue I deal with my clients and bootcampers about daily. Your body will tell you that your not hungry when you don't eat enough or frequently enough. Then when you do get hungry, it won't take much to make you feel full. This cripples your fat burning and muscle building. Your metabolic set point has to be raised -you have to ignite the fire and get the furnace burning. So slowly increase your food intake and meal frequency, daily and weekly and work your way to your appropriate numbers. The goal is to be hungry every couple of hours and to have your meals on hand ready to go. In time the food will not seem so overwhelming and gradually will seem like not enough. It is essential for you to eat the right amounts at the right times to optimize your fat burning and muscle building machine.

Eat your food to help attain your health and fitness goals. And remember to eat your food because out there in the shadows, the Angry German Boar Hog is watching and waiting ........

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