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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Spot Reduction Work For Fat Loss?

Technically, Spot reduction doesn't work when talking about fat loss. You lose bodyfat from your whole body -starting first with your beta andrenoreceptors which are pro fat loss and lastly with your alpha andrenoreceptors which are your stubborn areas that are resistant to fat burning.

But..... There are examples of people who do spot reduce in a sort of way. I see girls in the gym who overtrain certain bodyparts and undertrain the rest of their carcass. Smith gym is a prime example. Girls don't eat and do endless crunches and core work and hit the elliptical for 8 hours and go to spin class and do pulsing lunges and squats all days.

So these girls burn more calories and sweat more from only a few locations and neglect the rest of their bodies. So the endstate - the chick has ripped up quads and 6 pack abs and the rest of her is skinny fat. But she wears short shorts and sports bras so that all you can see are her quads and abs. The rest of her is unremarkable and soft/smooth/flabby (fat) looking.

So You can actually see the gym full of girls like that. It is a real phenomenon. How can you have 6 pack abs and be skinny fat all over the rest of your carcass? By doing what I just described. I think these women are nasty looking. Not impressed at all. But if you want to look like that - roll with it.

That is the only real spot reduction methods I've seen work and not in a great way. One other method is the saran wrap method where you wrap your thighs, butt and belly in saran wrap and then do killer cardio - you lose more heat, water and calories from the wrapped area than the unwrapped area and therefore burn more of everything from that spot. Works well for short term fixes like army weigh ins and tapes.

The real answer is that you can pursue the search for shortcuts and easy ways out forever and fail time and time again. You may pull something off. Everything works once! Then longterm your still a fat useless bag of atrophy wishing you had took the blue pill. Those who put the effort into doing it right from the get go are the ones who will prevail. Yoda reminds us - do or do not- there is no try. Do it right and follow the plan.

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