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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smith Bootcamp Results for May 10

Another month of awesome results with the bootcamp at smith. The girls did some killer workouts in the heat, did their targeted fat loss cardio and followed the nutrition plan. Their efforts paid off. You just have to follow the program.
Lillian lost 3.7% bodyfat and 10.4lbs, she also went the extra mile and joined the women's bench press and barbell deadlift clubs by bench pressing 135lbs and deadlifting 235lbs. Awesome!
Liz lost 1.8% bodyfat and 3lbs
Charla lost 4.4% bodyfat and 2lbs
Jessica lost 5.8% bodyfat and 2.4lbs
Great work Ladies!!
Next Bootcamp at Smith starts on 02 Jun at 0915.
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