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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tofu 2

Notice the animal above is in a grass field. This animal eats grass for food naturally. The cows and steers that the big companies raise in pens and shoot full of hormones are fed primarily grain feed and that is the real problem - yes grain, for all of you 100% whole wheat oat bran moonies. I don't recommend eating red meat from these sources. Naturally raised, free roaming, grass fed, organic beef sources are what I recommend when it comes to red meat. Each grocery store usually has a little organic meat section with grass fed organic labels so you need to look before you buy. Anyway that's a different article all together.


Ok I ate the rest of my TOFU. Yup, I Still consider it to be of no use, in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Every time I ate a big chunk, I was still starving so I had to eat real food to feel full.

Once again, the macronutrient ratio of TOFU is hard to beat but....

I had to eat some dead animals, vegetables, nuts, and fruits - you know the things that God actually intended humans to eat.


Yup I'm still an omnivore. I still have incisor teeth to rip and chew meat and molar type teeth to grind plants and nuts with . That is just my opinion though. Others disagree. = whatever!!!!

Oh yeah and not to mention the numerous articles and studies that I have recently read on brain damage and other great stuff that eating this type of soy poison does to you. But we won't go there -right now anyway.

I believe that you should strive to eat within a generic caveman / paleo profile. Meaning, if you can't catch it in the water, shoot it in the woods, pull it out of the ground, or off of a bush or tree then you probably don't need it. You can dig into that for days but that is my generic profile that I recommend. It is actually quite detailed when you think deeper about it.


If you like Tofu and related vegan dishes, then rock on with your bad self.

But it's not for me and I'll never recommend it. So there!!!!

Eric Dempsey
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