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Friday, September 19, 2008


I decided today, to try something new and to have an open mind. So I got some of the vegan delicacy known as TOFU. It was the very first time that I have tried TOFU so I was really being wild and crazy, exploring my weak, atrophied, sickly looking, vegan inner child. I must say that the macronutrient data in TOFU is ideal. It is high protein, medium fat, low carb, just the way that I like things. It has no smell and to my surprise, no taste whatsoever!!! I have to describe it as a large ugly block of egg white without the egg taste or smell. I ate a big chunk of it with a corn tortilla, slice of cheese, and of course, doused in A1 steak sauce for flavor. All I tasted was the steak sauce. It was actually uneventful and very dull and I really am dumbfounded. A useless block of nasty soy stuff with the makeup of a huge egg white and no smell or taste and vegans eat this as their steak. Well it wasn't good or bad, I found it useless, so I ate some chicken and made dying animal noises to make myself feel better about drifting into the vegan realm. I have half a block left so I will eat it because I am Ranger qualified and I don't waste food. Other than that I don't know what to say. There you go -My thoughts on TOFU.

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