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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ryan's Quest - another episode

Tonight, Ryan conducted another outdoor workout. He used the tire and the 16lb & 20lb sledgehammers. Ryan was also wearing his IBA Body Armor with Plates which weighs at least 30lbs. If your not familiar with body armor, it is heavy as hell, similar to a weighted fitness vest. As usual, it was inspiring to say the least.

We had local kids stop and ask why does he do that stuff with the tire and we explained that he was doing exercises to get in top shape. The kids are funny because they aren't intimidated by it, only curious.

The kids ask what the adults, that walk by, are afraid to ask. Adults are intimidated by what they don't understand so they never ask or they think that they know better. I have been training soldiers for over twenty two years now. These methods aren't pretty or cool but it works. What Ryan does for a living isn't pretty or cool and what he will be doing in the future requires brutal conditioning. He will succeed using these methods. So stay tuned!!!

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