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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Biggest Loser

I just watched two episodes of the biggest loser and all I can say is aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That show drives me absolutely mad!! I can't stand it. It pisses me off to no end. So I forced myself to watch the two episodes so I can accurately rage on what I viewed.

Number 1: millions of people watch this show and think that this is the standard for health and fitness. Problem: It is a poor example of weight management training, unhealthy and based upon outdated and proven ineffective methods. People are further brainwashed by this garbage and it makes my job harder when I have to deprogram women in order to train them in an effective and healthy manner. The psychological damage it causes is astounding.

Number 2: It is entirely based upon weight loss. BAD, BAD, BAD. The poor people go through grueling and ridiculous workouts and the nutritional information shown on the show is garbage. The results speak for themselves. The people lose huge amounts of weight per week in the range of 3-15lbs or more with no mention of body composition analysis. How much of this weight loss is lean tissue and fluid and how much is fat? Nobody knows but I can guarantee you that most of it isn't fat. And regardless of how much weight they lose, the people still look extremely fat.

Number 3: They talked about recipes that they cooked and the criteria for the selections was low fat and low sodium. The low sodium is fine but the low to no fat is ignorant at best.
No mention of carbs or protein except when they selected a lean meat - turkey I think, which was 99% fat free and high in protein. The lack of nutrition info and the poor examples given are mind boggling.

Number 4: When everyone weighed in, their numbers were very low compared to what they thought they would lose - after all they busted their butts working out and doing these demanding events - why didn't they lose more? One guy who worked really hard even gained 3 pounds - how is that possible? I can tell you why as could any other trainer with a clue. But of course no mention of the details about why. The numbers that they lose exceed the healthy recommended weight loss guidelines by huge amounts per week. Even though those guidelines are not perfect, the amounts lost by people on the show are dangerous when no body composition analysis is done. All the show does is reinforce what cutting edge fat loss data has already proven. But it is displayed as a good thing and people have it stored in the brain housing groups that this is the way to go. - wrong!!!

Number 5: the exercise selections for their killer workouts outline exactly what not to do for effective fat loss training. They do steady state cardio and low weight / high rep training for endless hours with no proper nutritional guidelines. These poor people live in a catabolic, muscle eating state throughout the show. The muscle and fluid goes and the fat stays but they lose weight so it is cool.

I have trained numerous men and women who weighed the same as the people on the show in the 200-300 plus range. I wish I could have those people for however long they commit to that insanity so I could have them do the right things and eat properly. They would end up looking completely different. Any of the leading fat loss trainers and fat loss manuals will tell you that what they do on this show is madness. It is a shame because the concept is great and millions are inspired by these people and the hard work that they do on the show. It is too bad that the participants couldn't go through a real fat loss camp and attain positive, healthy results that would reinforce good nutrition and exercise as opposed to the ineffective, outdated and dangerous crap that they actually do.

That show will always piss me off every time I watch it. I am passionate about what I do and I believe in educating people on how the body works and how to train properly for effective fat loss and muscle building. This show is a thorn in my side because I have already interacted with numerous women who wanted to do training like the biggest loser and I said no way! Do it right or go somewhere else.

I give the people on the show all the credit in the world because they display courage and determination and they try very hard. I wish I could help them because that is what I do.

Ok, that's enough on that. I said my piece. Let me know what you think.
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