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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shelley's Progress

Hi Everyone,
Here are Shelley's progress pics. She has done an amazing job in a short amount of time. She has lost 9.4lbs and what's more important- she has lost 8.3% Body Fat. Shelley's disciplined efforts on her meal plan, her consistent training 3 times a week with me and her own workouts in between have produced dramatic results, not only in how she looks, but in her performance as well. She can now do regular pushups, 80lbs on the Bench Press, 2 minutes on the modified plank, 1 minute on the side plank, sets of 30 on the ab exercises, 100lb Dumbbell sumo squats and 30lbs on the kettlebell squat to overhead press. She has more energy and endurance. She did 3 sets on the Tabata drill. She is fitting into old clothes and people are making comments on how good she looks. And this is just the beginning. I'm very proud of her. She has contributed her before and after pics and is receiving 3 free sessions for her help in my marketing plan. Shelley has truly set the example for others to follow. Great Job Shelley !!
I encourage all of you to find a good before pic or we can take one during one of your sessions and we can start documenting everyone's success. The 3 free sessions will apply to everyone who submits their pics. Take advantage of this offer and show the world how hard you have worked and how damn good you look.
Stay motivated because all of you are doing a great job and I look forward to posting all of your pictures on my sites to show you off to the world. It's time to get sexy.
Train Hard and Eat Right
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