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Friday, September 19, 2008

Soccer Season Started today

No more sleeping in on Saturday morning for me and Mikey. The soccer season started today and he is in U10 now. He'll be 9 in october and his opponents are getting bigger. He is no longer the big man on campus. Some of the girls on the other team looked like they spent a few too many of their short years at the double K (kRISPY kREME). It is sad to see such young kids so overweight. Everyone is like well soccer will be good for them. Yeah it is better than sitting at the playstation for that couple hours a week but just like adults doing steady state cardio for 2 hours a day - It don't burn the fat. Especially when the kids diets are primarily sugar and high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sodium, aspartame and some chemically induced version of white flour. Can you say insulin resistant and fat 5 times fast?
Anyway, Michael and his team of soccer commando's met a brutal defeat today at the hands of the double K biggin's. Training and intestinal fortitude will be required to excel this season. To be continued....
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