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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fat Loss Honor Roll for 26 Sep 08


Caroline lost 5.8% Body Fat - WOW – OUT OF CONTROL – she said this week, she ate exactly how I told her to eat – see, it works very well. If 100% compliance yields that kind of results, even if you were in the 60-75% compliant range, you would still make massive progress in losing the belly.

Aimee lost 2.2% Body Fat – awesome job !!! Aimee is starting her 3rd package with me. She started on August 4th with 25.1% Bodyfat and is now at 15.4%. –Excellent progress for less than 90 days.

Great Job Ladies !!!!

Ryan lost 2.26% Bodyfat and packed on almost a pound and a half of muscle while in the field. He followed a disciplined meal plan and it paid off. Great Job Ryan !!!

Special Notes from this week

Girl Power update !!!!

The bench press club is anxiously awaiting the arrival of new members. Many of you are not far away from joining the ranks of those few, who earned the T-shirt.

Kara bench pressed 140lbs. Outstanding !!!! She also did 45lbs on the Kettlebell Squat to Overhead press. Who will be next??

Caroline bench pressed 125lbs and got my last T-shirt. Now I have to order more for the rest of you. Great Job Caroline!!!! She is the 5th member of the bench press club. And she lost 5.8% bodyfat in the same week. My program when followed =fat loss & muscle gain. Caroline is another example of real women making real results following my program.

Shelley did 2 minutes on the modified Plank and 1 minute on the side Plank. Great Job!!! I haven’t had any girl make 2 minutes on the plank anytime time recently. Outstanding work! Shelley is my latest before and after picture girl and she is getting 3 free sessions for letting me use her photos for marketing. I want more, who is next?

Angelica and Aimee got 1 minute on the side plank, Aimee did 1:25 on the modified plank Kara got 1:10 on the modified plank, Ansuya & Angelica got 1:30 on the modified Plank. Outstanding work !!! Core Strength = success.

Aimee is battling through the bench press zone of 110-115lbs and is not far away from joining the club.

Megan, from the front desk at Smith Fitness Center, did 3 minutes on the modified plank and then bench pressed 95lbs and almost got 100lbs. She doesn’t even look like she weighs a hundred pounds. She is doing awesome and continues to be the reigning YouTube girl. We added a video of the plank and the bench. Great Job Megan !!!
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