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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fat Loss Honor Roll 12 Sep 08


Kara lost 3.7% bodyfat

Angelica lost 3.3% bodyfat

Shelley lost 2.2% bodyfat

Michele lost 1.7% bodyfat

Special Notes from this week

Shelley did 1 minute on the modified Plank. She has lost like over 12 inches from her total measurements since she started and she looks like a different person. She is fitting into old clothes and really slimming up. Great Job!!!

Aimee raised her bench press from 95lbs to 105lbs this week. She has set her sights on the T-shirt and wants in on the Bench press Club. Only 20lbs to go. She has also changed her figure a lot and is much leaner looking now. Excellent job !!

Ryan raised his bench press from 210lbs to 215lbs. It has been a long road from 175lbs where he started from. He continues to do Bone Crushing workouts in preparation to get the coveted “Black & Gold”

Kara did sumo dumbbell deadlifts with a big mean looking 150lb dumbbell. She is getting out of hand lifting all of this weight. She almost got 130lbs on the bench. Next week!!!

Caroline benched 120lbs and almost got 125lbs. She is close to getting her T-shirt. Great work !!!

Everyone is doing much better on the Tabata drills and their core strength. Keep up the great work.

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