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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recommended 9mm Ammo

I have trained numerous women in the use of handguns for self defense. For women who are a little jittery around guns, have no fear. There are many different pistols of suitable calibers that can perform their desired mission of self-defense. Many women want a tiny pistol but this leaves a lot of room for error. I suggest that you use a 9mm or .40cal pistol because they use the least powerful yet still effective rounds for self-defense. Anything smaller require you to be a very good shot under stress. Every woman that I have trained on pistols, has been able to easily utilize the 9mm round effectively with practice. I personally use the Glock 17 and Browning Hi-Power. They are easily controllable, reliable, dependable and very accurate at self-defense ranges.
So if you use a 9mm pistol, you want to maximize the effectiveness of the weapon. For personal defense, I recommend the 124 grain, jacketed hollow point, hydra-shok ammo. There are times when you may have to use your weapon to protect the lives of your loved ones and yourself. Leave nothing to chance. The Hydra-shok ammo used with the Mozambique drill (2 to the chest, 1 to the head ), will ensure that the bad guy goes down hard the first time even if wearing body armor. When you absolutely have to shoot someone in the face, hydra-shok is the answer.
If interested in some private instruction on how to safely employ the 9mm pistol, I am available for lessons. Yes, there are many other topics, other than fitness, for which I am highly qualified to train people on. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to utilize a handgun safely and effectively through private, one on one instruction. Contact me for more details.
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