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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ryan's Friday Workout

Hi Everyone,

Old school, outside training in the front yard. Yes, the neighbors think we or at least me, need to see the doctor. I say, they can think what they want, as they take their fat, weak asses to golden donut. Ryan did an awesome workout today. It was a Tabata workout with four stations. The kettlebell renegade row with pushup, the prowler push, the tire smash w/ 16lb sledge, and the lateral jump. He did the full 20 minutes - great job. Total body strength work with massive HIIT EPOC calorie burn. Check out the videos from his first set.

The KB Renegade Row with pushup is a crusher and then the prowler takes you to a new level of pain.

Ryan broke my tire support logs, he's always knocking my tire down. but that's what it's for. He makes it look easy but that sledge hammer gets real heavy, real quick, plus the cardio aspect is tough.

And after all that, the lateral jump is a finishing blow. Total body destruction and lung searing cardio. Blasting fat and building muscle. Ryan did the whole 20 minute Tabata drill using this training complex. Of course, Ryan immediately has a serving of Cell tech and a protein powder for his post workout drinks for maximum benefit. After doing all this work, it would be insane not to have a post workout nutrition plan. Ryan is a good example of what I mean by Train Hard & Eat Right. Great Job Ryan!!

This is the level of intensity required to burn Fat and build muscle. Its not easy. How bad do you want that hard body? Not for the weak or faint hearted. Yes, you can do it. Believe in yourself. Take action. Make it happen. Now it's your turn. Are you ready?

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