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Friday, August 22, 2008

Ryan's Beatings Continue

Hi Everyone,
Here are some more torture clips of Ryan developing his intestinal fortitude. He did another killer workout. He will lead the assault element that will finally take down the evil empire of the Krispy Kreme and their ally, the Golden Donut. These clips are of the second half of his workout where he did 4 sets of max reps/time on the modified plank, pullups, dips, and the windshield wiper holding a 50lbs sandbag overhead. He had already completed 4 sets of bench press, knee raises, romanian deadlifts and back extensions. A truly bone crushing workout worthy of praise.
Check it out.

Modified Plank - 1st set was over two minutes.

Close Grip Pullups

Wind Shield Wipers holding a 50lb sand bag overhead


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