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Monday, August 25, 2008

Modified Plank - What's your time?

Hi Everyone,
I want to have you all start working more on your core stabilization and strength. If you can't hold the modified plank as pictured above for at least 1 minute, then you have to keep working on it. 1 minute on the modified plank is a good measure of core strength for women and 2 minutes is good for men. Today Kara finally got the modified plank for 1 minute which is a dramatic increase in core strength for her. Great Job Kara!!!!! Also, one of my new clients, Ansuya, did 4 sets of 1 minute on the modified plank with little difficulty and she is much the senior to everyone else. Great work Ansuya!!!!! Another client, Angelica, recently had a baby, and she did 1 minute 20 seconds, on her first try since coming back to training with me after her maternity leave. Great job Angelica!!!!!!!!!! So what is your time? If you are not at 1 minute yet, not to worry, you just need to keep at it. The modified plank uses all of your core muscles to stabilize your body and is one of the best core exercises to do. Combined with the modified side plank, the modified plank will get your core strong so that when you try to do more difficult movements with greater weight, you will be more successful. Keep working on it and let's try to get everyone up to 1 minute.
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