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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Workout

Today I did a quick killer workout. I did a bunch of exercises with no rest in between sets and it took less than 45 minutes. I warmed up outside using stones and tires followed by a martial art and medicine ball workout. Then I moved to the dumbbell overhead press with hammer curls, followed by a quick shoulder and forearm cicuit with 5lb orange exercise balls and then the 50lbs versafit sand bag cleans and shouldering. It was a good cardio workout as well as a total body resistance workout. I finished the workout with heavy arm curls using 135lbs on the barbell. Honestly, I didn't even plan this workout, I just did it. So when the urge to do something happens, just do it!!

Martial Art Warmup

MB Chop & Lift Warmup

DB Hammer Curls to OH Press

50lb Versafit Bag Cleans and Shouldering

5lb Exercise Ball Circuit

135lb Barbell Arm Curls

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