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Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is how someone can eat too many calories in a day

This is how someone could actually eat too many calories in a day. This is my cheat meal that I had today and it is horrendous although it tasted great. All of the worst stuff usually is real good tasting which is why people have such a hard time giving it up. I have been eating real clean for most of the week and this was my 90/10 rule example. 90% of the time you eat good and clean and then you can get away with a cheat meal once in awhile.
This one meal had over 1660 calories. You can see how if you ate fast food a few times a day, you could quickly exceed your deficit calorie requirements and be in the red in the wrong direction. This could quickly lead to Jabba the Hut status as the massive calories, huge amount of carbs (over 133g), massive sodium (2690mg), Cholesterol (230mg) and fat (90g) would doom your numbers for the day. On the plus side there was 77g of protein. These numbers would be catastrophic to a fat loss program if someone ate this stuff everyday for multiple meals. No amount of cardio would be able to reverse the negative effects of multiple meals like this.
If you eat clean, it would be near impossible to duplicate these numbers in a meal due to the fact that good whole foods are so much lower in calories. You would have to eat a ton of good food to duplicate the calories in one fast food meal. You probably couldn't eat the same calorie amount of broccoli, nuts, fruits and lean protein without exploding. So don't fear eating alot of clean whole foods.
Minimize or eliminate the fast food and processed meals and you won't have to worry about eating too much.
How can I get away with a cheat meal like this you may ask? Even though the calories for this meal are huge, my calorie requirements are over 3000 a day so the rest of my calories came from multiple smaller meals of good, clean, whole foods. That is how I minimize the damage and get away with a cheat meal.
So strive to reach 90% of your meals from good stuff and you can survive a cheat meal once in
awhile. Remember to exercise and follow the basics and minimize the bad stuff in your nutrition plan and you can't go wrong.
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