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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks

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I don't usually drift far from my semi-disciplined meal plan week to week. But tonight I had to have a post- birthday (my 41st birthday was on the 4th) indulgence with a high calorie seasonal drink. Allison, my current longest term client (JAN 08), convinced me that this was a fabulous drink and that I must try it. So initially as a birthday favor (her birthday is on the 6th - Happy Birthday Allison!), I broke down and ended up at Starbucks ordering a pumpkin spice latte codenamed PAPA SIERRA LIMA or PSL for short. I took a drink and wow- it was awesome. I sucked it down rapidly with tasty enjoyment and contemplated getting another- but sped away quickly, feeling my discipline being weakened. It was really, really good.

So now for the damage. It was 340 calories with 49g of carbs with 47g being from sugar! Check out the different nutrition data for this drink here.

So I recommend this drink to try as an indulgence, if you earned one, with the 90/10 rule. The 90/10 rule is that if you are really disciplined 90% of the time with your meal plan, you can have a 10% cheat factor and not cause that much damage to your physique= get fat. I would try it if you like Starbucks, but only once in awhile. It is seasonal and won't be available everyday forever so if you earned a cheat meal or drink then indulge once in awhile - that means try something that you wouldn't have access to everyday or is not commonplace. But definitely don't make it a habit to drink your calories from any drink.

Strive to earn your cheat meals and drinks - discipline earns the positives in life. Train hard and eat right and you can have a pumpkin spice latte guilt free!

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