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Friday, September 18, 2009

Barbell and Rings on a Friday Night

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Tonight's workout consisted of pushups on the rings, barbell rollouts to pushups, barbell deadlifts with 225lbs, barbell floor press to windshield wipers with 135lbs, and barbell bent rows with 225lbs. Before I left the gym I knocked out shrug machine deadlifts and got a new personal record of 450lbs X 3reps - which was good for me seeing I have a shot back and knees. When I got home to my studio, I tried to get 20 reps on the deadlift with 225lbs but I only got 15 reps. I think I could have gotten the last 5 reps but I was cautious about my back so I quit while I was ahead. Sometimes you have to stop while you are doing good. Here are some videos of the workout.

21 pushups on the rings

Barbell Rollout to pushup

135lbs Barbell Floor Press to windshield wipers

225lbs X 15 Reps Deadlift

225lbs Barbell Bent Rows

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