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Monday, September 14, 2009

Heavy Arm Training

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Today, I blasted the shoulders and arms with standing dumbbell overhead presses. I got a 1 rep max with 75lbs dumbbells (in each hand as it's important to note :-) I then worked on a couple sets of heavy dumbbell cleans with 80lbs dumbbells which was brutal. By default, this type of training is heavy core and forearm/wrist training as well. I then went on to do some heavy side raises and band pullaparts. I then knocked out some heavy dumbbell arm curls. When I got home, in between clients, I decided to finish the biceps off with some 135lbs barbell arm curls and some reverse grip, hang power cleans otherwise known as deliberate cheat curls. I tried to keep my core tight and head and back straight even while doing cheat reps. Here are a couple of videos.

135lbs Barbell Arm curls

Reverse Grip Hang Power Cleans / Deliberate Cheat Curls

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