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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wildlife Chronicles of Salem, AL: Sparrows Regain Control of Contested Area

House Sparrow

New report from the "sights and sounds from the morning SLLS halt".

In a shocking development, elements of the sparrow forces have gained positive control of the contested battlespace in Area of Operations (AO) Backyard.

Today, the sparrow elements saturated the area with numerous forces and effectively seized control of the entire AO.

This was unexpected as the blue jay elements were far larger and more powerful. This brings merit to the old concept of strength in numbers.

A large force of sparrows were able to defeat their larger and more powerful enemy (blue jays) with determination, grit and tenacity.

It must be noted that ground elements of the lizard faction from the Backyard Security Forces were seen occupying observation posts throughout the AO.

It does raises some tactical questions about the future.

Will the sparrow elements be able to hold their ground?

What role did the lizard elements play in this operation?

Have the sparrow forces and the lizard element aligned themselves?

Will elements of the mockingjay or blue jay forces counter attack?

Time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates from this volatile region.

Photo credit: Steve Creek

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, US Army Retired
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