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Monday, March 14, 2016

Wildlife Chronicles of Salem, AL: The Blue Jay

In this episode of "sights and sounds from the SLLS halt", a new dominant force has emerged.

Last week, mockingbird factions remained in positive control of the battle space in AO (area of operations) Backyard.

Recent developments indicate a shift in power, that could upset the balance of forces and stability in the region.

Reports from the LP/OP (listening post/observation post), indicate the presence of forces from the blue jay element.

It appears that highly mobile, agile and hostile units from the blue jay forces successfully conducted a cordon and search of the entire AO.

All opposing forces from the red cardinal, sparrow and mockingbird elements have been routed and have not been seen in the AO since the time of this report.

It is believed that the routed forces are regrouping and planning for a counteroffensive.

The blue jay forces have reportedly established several blocking positions and engagement areas on the eastern and western boundaries of the AO.

They are also conducting routine combat air patrols to protect the newly conquered airspace.

Blue jay elements have also been reported in over watch positions along all key avenues of approach into the AO.

The LP/OP will continue to provide us with near real time intelligence, that we can use to keep you updated on new developments in the AO.

Will the blue jay forces dominate the region?

Are the badly bruised but not defeated forces of the free bird coalition going to counterattack?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for breaking updates from the LP/OP.

Photo credit:

Henry T. McLin

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