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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Get Lean Program Is On!

So after the last couple of months closing down the Columbus studio and moving everything back to the Salem Garage and setting that all back up, I was stressed and slacked on my nutrition and workouts. I'm all weak and fat again so it's time to start another 8 week summer get lean program.

Posted is my current fat pic as of 14 May 13. Stats are 215lbs, 23.6% body fat (BEI) and a 40in waist.
Goals are to maintain or gain lean body mass (muscle), decrease body fat percentage by at least 2% and lose 1-3 inches from the waist. Also want to get more cut and have better AB definition. 

Strategy / plan: Intermittent fasting with FitRanX Training for the Level 4 test with added HIIT cardio. Passing the level 4 test will be an added goal. 

If you want to join me on the quest, let me know. Ladies, you can do this too. A lot of people say "oh you are a guy, it's easy for you". Well, no it's not. I'm 44 and have my share of injuries. It takes a lot of work whether male or female. Younger is easier obviously. I'm looking for three people to do this adventure with me. Who wants to get lean?


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