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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bootcamp Mafia: Final Episode - The Demise Of The Unholy Trinity

With the transition of the studio from Columbus to Salem, debris has been cleared from the enrollment roster. The demise of the unholy trinity (kumar, zombie man and troll) is complete. Kumar was the last hold out and he finally fell by the wayside after one workout with cagefighter at the Salem location.
Finally, the hell of having to deal with the ash & trash of humanity is over.

The beauty of the Salem location is that it pre-screens potential clients and provides a training ground for the dedicated people who want to work hard and achieve great things. You see, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset are not about convenience. It's about dedication and commitment. If you base your selection criteria on convenience, then more than likely, you will sacrifice quality.  

With the saturation of fitness studios, gyms, trainers, exercise programs and diet centers in Columbus, many people just go where the closest place is and roll with it. Of course, there is always a price to pay when you do this.

The Salem location is further away (25 minutes from Columbus). It is not the convenient or easy pick. And I like it that way. Deal seekers, the lazy, the mentally weak, the undisciplined and those who want immediate satisfaction without the required work, will never come out to Salem. Some do, but they don't last long. And that is fine with me. No matter how much income that may sacrifice for me, I only want to train the dedicated and committed people who have the drive, desire, discipline and heart to go the distance and excel.

The training in Salem is far more challenging than other locations that I have trained people at. The main reasons are the environment and unparalleled focus of the training. So if you like to work hard and to be challenged to push yourself beyond your limits and comfort zone, the Salem location is worth checking out.
I offer a free trial workout for everyone, including previous clients, who want to see if it is right for them.

With the demise of the unholy trinity and related ash & trash clients, you can rest assured that training here will place you among a small, hardcore, dedicated group who have big goals and the desire to excel. If that sounds like something that you want to try, come try a free workout.

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