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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Get Lean Program Summer 2013: 2 week update

Two week update: This 2nd week was rough. I had my daughter with me for 4 days and that was a challenge to stay on track with her. She will be 5 next month and she is not following my get lean program at all. I did get her to workout a few times and she is adorable.

Then on Friday, I made an amateur mistake while deadlifting and strained my lower back. -Not with technique, but with how much weight I tried. So week 3 will be interesting as I hobble around healing up. Food will have to be extra good as my workouts will be mild. 

Stats to date: As of tonight, I'm up 1 lb, down 2.3% bodyfat and down 3/4 in on the waist. Nothing dramatic but I am noticing changes. Shorts are falling down. I feel much tighter. See a little more definition in the abs. So slow and steady in the right direction.

Never quit. Find a solution. Keep going.

More next week.


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