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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Summer 2013 Get Lean Program Update: 5 Days In

So 5 days into my get lean program and not a great start! Food was decent, calories were close, macronutrient ratio was about 75% but I made some tactical errors and water was about at 75%. Workouts were decent but not as much as I wanted. Intermittent fasting was fairly on track.

Weight stayed the same, lost 1.7% bodyfat and lost 1/4 in from the waist. I guess for 5 days it's not a bad thing but I know I can do better. I did manage to pull off 305lbs on the bench press after not benching heavy for almost a month so that was a surprise.

What did I screw up with the food? I violated some basic paleo principles and I ate a big can of baked beans! After not having any kind of beans for a long time, baked beans in a large quantity jacked my system up. My body doesn't like baked beans anymore at all. I used to love them a long time ago. They immediately caused me to swell up like a balloon, retain water and feel like crud. Never again!

After I ate all the baked beans, I knew I screwed up so I went super clean and cranked up the water, to try to salvage the rest of my efforts and immediately started feeling better and losing water.

Some types of food, you can get away with occasional splurges, some types, you can't. So the big items that I have to avoid are legumes, starchy carbs, bread, milk and cheese.

That temporary setback really woke me up and set me straight. Now I'm refocused and plan to hit this next week harder. And I'm going to do some old school bodybuilder cardio to ease into the cardio phase of training - I hate cardio. But I want more results so I'm going with the proven old school methods. We shall see how it goes.

I'm still looking for someone to do the get lean program with me. Someone serious who wants to see abs soon. I will offer a super personal training deal to the right candidate.

I'll check back in with you soon.

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