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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tips for exercising in cold weather

Now that the first below 30 degree weather has arrived for however briefly, there are some things to remember about working out in the cold.

1. Dress in layers. Easier to take stuff off when you warm up rather than wishing you had more to put on. Plus sweat makes your clothes wet and after you cool down you can get really cold fast. Better to be able to put something warm and dry back on when you are finished cooling down.

2. Keep your head, ears and hands covered. These areas are quick to get cold and not good to be exposed to cold for too long. You can take a hat and gloves off when you need to.

3. Wear appropriate footwear for the training you are doing and the environment. Don't slip and slide into an injury with the wrong shoes on.

4. Cover your face if the air is really cold. Breathing cold air while out of breath from sprints, running or other exercise can make life really suck.

5. Stay hydrated and eat your planned meals. Skipping water and food when its cold out will hamper your progress and possibly lead to health issues.

6. Check the forcast, plan appropriately for clothing and travel and use common sense.

7. Warm up and cool down sufficiently and spend a little extra time stretching as cold muscles require a little more prep for vigorous training.

Don't let weather slow your progress towards your goals. Plan, prepare and continue to train hard and smart.

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