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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Time For The 3rd Annual Sexy Slim Down Program

The 16 day sexy slim down program starts on Monday, 14 OCT 13 and runs until 31 OCT 13 at my Garage Gym in Salem. Centrally located between Auburn and Columbus. Private, focused, detailed instruction that is challenging, fun and full of variety. A proven, unique program that gets real results fast.

You can attend the 12 noon Monday-Saturday or 7pm Monday-Thursday and 5pm Friday classes. Only $67 or $33.50 if you bring a friend. You will have access to 30 workouts in 16 days and a targeted fat loss cardio program and nutrition program are included.

You can expect to lose up to 10lbs or more and  up to a 3-5 % bodyfat loss and up to a couple pants sizes to go down if you follow the program.

Some previous examples of results in the first 10 days of the program:

George lost 9lbs in ten days
Carla lost 5.5 inches in ten days
Erica lost 5.5 inches in ten days
Lisa lost 5 inches in ten days

How much will you lose??

Call /text me at the the number listed above or email me to enroll before Monday.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness
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